Boxing at the 1924 Summer Olympics – Men's featherweight

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Featherweight boxing
at the Games of the VIII Olympiad
Venue Vélodrome d'hiver
Dates July 15–20
Competitors 24 from 17 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Jackie Fields
 United States
2nd, silver medalist(s) Joseph Salas
 United States
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Pedro Quartucci
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1928 →

The men's featherweight event was part of the boxing programme at the 1924 Summer Olympics. The weight class was the third-lightest contested, and allowed boxers of up to 126 pounds (57.2 kilograms). The competition was held from July 15, 1924, to July 20, 1924.

24 boxers from 17 nations competed.


Round of 32
July 15
Round of 16
July 16
July 18
July 19
July 20
 Olaf Hansen (NOR) L
 Jackie Fields (USA) PTS  Jackie Fields (USA) PTS
 Mossy Doyle (IRL) L  Jackie Fields (USA) PTS
 Carlos Abarca (CHI) L
 Emilio Bautista (ESP) L
 Carlos Abarca (CHI) PTS  Carlos Abarca (CHI) PTS
 Gustaf Bergman (SWE) L  Jackie Fields (USA) PTS
 Pedro Quartucci (ARG) PTS  Pedro Quartucci (ARG) L
 Henri Stuckmann (FRA) L  Pedro Quartucci (ARG) PTS
 Arthur Beavis (GBR) KO3  Arthur Beavis (GBR) L
 Jean Flammang (LUX) L  Pedro Quartucci (ARG) PTS
 Marcel Depont (FRA) PTS  Marcel Depont (FRA) L
 Ernest Eustice (RSA) L  Marcel Depont (FRA) PTS
 Manuel Smoris (URU) L
 Jackie Fields (USA) PTS
 Joseph Salas (USA) L
 Harry Dingley (GBR) PTS
 Karel Tuns (BEL) L
 Harry Dingley (GBR) L
 Jean Devergnies (BEL) PTS  Jean Devergnies (BEL) PTS
 Luis Bru (ESP) L  Jean Devergnies (BEL) PTS
 Livio Francecchini (ITA) PTS  Livio Francecchini (ITA) L
 Mickey MacGowan (CAN) L  Jean Devergnies (BEL) L Bronze medal bout
 Joseph Salas (USA) PTS  Joseph Salas (USA) PTS
 Agnew Burlie (CAN) L  Joseph Salas (USA) PTS  Pedro Quartucci (ARG) PTS
 Herman Levij (NED) L  Jean Devergnies (BEL) L
 Joseph Salas (USA) W
 Bruno Petrarca (ITA) DQ2
 Bruno Petrarca (ITA) PTS
 Jacques Sauthier (SUI) L