Boxing at the 1932 Summer Olympics – Men's featherweight

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The men's featherweight event was part of the boxing programme at the 1932 Summer Olympics. The weight class was the third-lightest contested, and allowed boxers of up to 126 pounds (57.2 kilograms). The competition was held from Tuesday, August 9, 1932 to Saturday, August 13, 1932.

Ten boxers from ten nations competed.


Gold Silver Bronze
Carmelo Robledo
Josef Schleinkofer
Allan Carlsson


Round of 16
August 9
August 10
August 11
August 13
 Josef Schleinkofer (GER) -  
Bye -      Schleinkofer (GER) PTS  
 John Keller (CAN) -    Keller (CAN) L  
Bye -        Schleinkofer (GER) PTS  
 Gaspare Alessandri (ITA) -        Alessandri (ITA) L  
Bye -      Alessandri (ITA) PTS
 Henri Walter (FRA) -    Walter (FRA) L  
Bye -        Schleinkofer (GER) L
 Carmelo Robledo (ARG) -        Robledo (ARG) PTS
Bye -      Robledo (ARG) PTS  
 Ernest Smith (IRL) -    Smith (IRL) L  
Bye -        Robledo (ARG) PTS   Bronze medal bout
 Allan Carlsson (SWE) PTS        Carlsson (SWE) L  
 Katsuo Kameoka (JPN) L      Carlsson (SWE) PTS    Carlsson (SWE) PTS
 John Hines (USA) PTS    Hines (USA) L      Alessandri (ITA) L
 Miguel Araico (MEX) L