Boxing at the 1936 Summer Olympics – Men's middleweight

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Boxing at the
1936 Summer Olympics
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The men's middleweight event was part of the boxing programme at the 1936 Summer Olympics. The weight class was the third-heaviest contested, and allowed boxers of up to 160 pounds (72.6 kilograms). The competition was held from Tuesday, August 11, 1936, to Saturday, August 15, 1936.

Nineteen boxers from 19 nations competed.


Gold Silver Bronze
Jean Despeaux
Henry Tiller
Raúl Villarreal


Round of 32
August 11
Round of 16
August 12
August 13
August 14
August 15
         Raúl Villarreal (ARG) PTS  
         Hans Zehetmayer (AUT) L  
           Raúl Villarreal (ARG) PTS  
         Tin Dekkers (NED) L  
         Tin Dekkers (NED) PTS  
         Gunnar Andreasen (DEN) L  
           Raúl Villarreal (ARG) L  
         Jean Despeaux (FRA) PTS  
         Josef Hrubeš (TCH) PTS  
         Lajos Szigeti (HUN) L  
         Josef Hrubeš (TCH) L
         Jean Despeaux (FRA) PTS  
         Jean Despeaux (FRA) PTS  
         Juan Bregaliano (URU) L  
           Jean Despeaux (FRA) PTS
         Henry Tiller (NOR) L
         Jimmy Clark (USA) PTS
         Bruno Ahlberg (FIN) L  
         Jimmy Clark (USA) L
         Henryk Chmielewski (POL) PTS  
         Henryk Chmielewski (POL) PTS  
         Jean De Schryver (BEL) L  
         Henryk Chmielewski (POL) L   Bronze medal bout
         Henry Tiller (NOR) PTS  
         Benito Totti (ITA) L    Villarreal (ARG) wo
 Adolf Baumgarten (GER) PTS      Adolf Baumgarten (GER) PTS    Chmielewski (POL) -
 Alfred Flury (SUI) L      Adolf Baumgarten (GER) L
 Henry Tiller (NOR) PTS      Henry Tiller (NOR) PTS  
 Edward Peltz (RSA) L      Henry Tiller (NOR) PTS
 Richard Shrimpton (GBR) W      Richard Shrimpton (GBR) L  
 Chin Kuai-Ti (ROC) KO1