Boxing at the 1948 Summer Olympics – Men's heavyweight

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Men's heavyweight
at the Games of the XIV Olympiad
Venue Earl's Court
Wembley Arena
Date 9–13 August
Competitors 17 from 17 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Rafael Iglesias  Argentina
2nd, silver medalist(s) Gunnar Nilsson  Sweden
3rd, bronze medalist(s) John Arthur  South Africa
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Boxing at the
1948 Summer Olympics
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The men's heavyweight boxing competition at the 1948 Olympic Games in London, England, was held from 9 to 13 August at the Empress Hall in Earl's Court and the Wembley Arena.

Competition format[edit]

Like all Olympic boxing events, the competition was a straight single-elimination tournament. The competition began with a preliminary round on 9 August, where the number of competitors was reduced to 16, and concluded with a final on 13 August. As there were less than 32 boxers in the competition, a number of boxers received a bye for the preliminary round. All bouts consisted of three periods where the boxers received points for every successful punch they land on their opponent's head or upper body. The boxer with the most points at the end of the bouts wins. If a boxer is knocked to the ground and cannot get up before the referee counts to 10 then the bout is over and the opponent wins.


Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
           Adam Faul (CAN) PTS  
           Víctor Bignon (CHI)  
             Adam Faul (CAN)  
           Gunnar Nilsson (SWE) PTS  
           Gunnar Nilsson (SWE) DSQ-2  
           Mohamed Jamshid Abadi (IRI)  
             Gunnar Nilsson (SWE) PTS  
           Hans Müller (SUI)  
           Agustín Muñiz (URU)  
           Hans Müller (SUI) KO-2  
           Hans Müller (SUI) PTS
           Jack Gardner (GBR)  
           Karl Ameisbichler (AUT)  
           Jack Gardner (GBR) KO-2  
             Gunnar Nilsson (SWE)
           Rafael Iglesias (ARG) KO-2
           Uber Baccilieri (ITA) PTS
           Gerry Ó Colmáin (IRL)  
           Uber Baccilieri (ITA)
           Rafael Iglesias (ARG) PTS  
           José Arturo Rubio (ESP)  
           Rafael Iglesias (ARG) PTS  
           Rafael Iglesias (ARG) PTS   Third place
           John Arthur (RSA)  
           John Arthur (RSA) RSC-1     Hans Müller (SUI)
           James Galli (FRA)     John Arthur (RSA) WO
           John Arthur (RSA) PTS
           Jay Lambert (USA)  
           Fernand Bothy (BEL)
  Jay Lambert (USA) PTS       Jay Lambert (USA) PTS  
  Vicente dos Santos (BRA)