Boxing at the 1960 Summer Olympics

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Italy and the United States dominated boxing at the 1960 Summer Olympics, winning three gold medals for each country. Two of the gold medalists later became Hall of Fame world champions in professional boxing: Cassius Clay (later called Muhammad Ali) and Nino Benvenuti.[1]

Competition format[edit]

Men competed in the following ten events:


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Gyula Török
Sergey Sivko
 Soviet Union
Abdel Moneim El-Guindi
Kiyoshi Tanabe
Oleg Grigoryev
 Soviet Union
Primo Zamparini
Ollie Taylor
Brunon Bendig
Francesco Musso
Jerzy Adamski
Jorma Limmonen
William Meyers
 South Africa
Kazimierz Paździor
Sandro Lopopolo
Richard McTaggart
 Great Britain
Abel Laudonio
Light welterweight
Bohumil Němeček
Clement Quartey
Marian Kasprzyk
Quincey Daniels
 United States
Nino Benvenuti
Yuri Radonyak
 Soviet Union
Jimmy Lloyd
 Great Britain
Leszek Drogosz
Light middleweight
Wilbert McClure
 United States
Carmelo Bossi
William Fisher
 Great Britain
Boris Lagutin
 Soviet Union
Eddie Crook, Jr.
 United States
Tadeusz Walasek
Ion Monea
Yevgeny Feofanov
 Soviet Union
Light heavyweight
Cassius Clay
 United States
Zbigniew Pietrzykowski
Giulio Saraudi
Anthony Madigan
Francesco de Piccoli
Daniel Bekker
 South Africa
Günter Siegmund
Josef Němec


Pos Country: Gold: Silver: Bronze: Total:
1  Italy (ITA) 3 3 1 7
2  United States (USA) 3 0 1 4
3  Poland (POL) 1 3 3 7
4  Soviet Union (URS) 1 2 2 5
5  Hungary (HUN) 1 0 0 1
 Czechoslovakia (TCH) 1 0 1 2
7  Ghana (GHA) 0 1 0 1
 South Africa (RSA) 0 1 1 2
9  Great Britain (GBR) 0 0 3 3
10  Australia (AUS) 0 0 2 2
11  Japan (JPN) 0 0 1 1
 Egypt (EGY) 0 0 1 1
 Finland (FIN) 0 0 1 1
 Argentina (ARG) 0 0 1 1
 Romania (ROU) 0 0 1 1
 United Team of Germany (EUA) 0 0 1 1


Flyweight (-51 kg)[edit]

Left-right:Kiyoshi Tanabe, Abdel Moneim El-Guindi, Gyula Török, Sergei Sivko
Gold: Silver: Bronze:
Hungary Gyula Török, Hungary Soviet Union Sergei Sivko, Soviet Union Egypt Abdel Moneim El-Guindi, Egypt
Japan Kiyoshi Tanabe, Japan


  • Japan Kiyoshi Tanabe (JPN) def. Romania Mircea Dobrescu (ROU), 4:1
  • Soviet Union Sergei Sivko (URS) def. West Germany Manfred Homberg (FRG), 5:0
  • Hungary Gyula Török (HUN) def. Argentina Miguel Angel Botta (ARG), 5:0
  • Egypt Abdel Moneim El-Guindi(EGY) def.United States Humberto Barrera (USA), 4:1


  • Soviet Union Sergei Sivko (URS) def. Japan Kiyoshi Tanabe (JPN), 4:1
  • Hungary Gyula Török (HUN) def. Egypt Abdel Moneim El-Guindi (EGY), 4:1


  • Hungary Gyula Török (HUN) def. Soviet Union Sergei Sivko (URS), 3:2

Bantamweight (-54kg)[edit]

Left-right: Oliver Taylor, Brunon Bendig, Oleg Grigoryev, Primo Zamparini
Gold: Silver: Bronze:
Soviet Union Oleg Grigoryev, Soviet Union Italy Primo Zamparini, Italy Poland Brunon Bendig, Poland
Australia Oliver Taylor, Australia


  • Poland Brunon Bending (POL) def. Germany Horst Rascher (GER)
  • Australia Ollie Taylor (AUS) def. Spain Alfonso Carbajo (ESP)
  • Italy Primo Zamparini (ITA) def. United States Jerry Armstrong (USA)


  • Soviet Union Oleg Grigoryev (URS) def. Poland Brunon Bending (POL)
  • Italy Primo Zamparini (ITA) def. Australia Ollie Taylor (AUS)


  • Soviet Union Oleg Grigoryev (URS) def. Italy Primo Zamparini (ITA)

Featherweight (-57kg)[edit]

Gold: Silver: Bronze:
Italy Francesco Musso, Italy Poland Jerzy Adamski, Poland South Africa William Meyers, South Africa
Finland Jorma Limmonen, Finland


  • South Africa William Meyers (RSA) def. Romania Constantin Gheorghiu (ROM)
  • Poland Jerzy Adamski (POL) def. Switzerland Ernst Chervet (SUI)
  • Finland Jorma Limmonen (FIN) def. Southern Rhodesia Abe Bekker (RHO)
  • Italy Francesco Musso (ITA) def. Soviet Union Boris Nikonorov (URS)


  • Poland Jerzy Adamski (POL) def. South Africa William Meyers (RSA)
  • Italy Francesco Musso (ITA) def. Finland Jorma Limmonen (FIN)


  • Italy Francesco Musso (ITA) def. Poland Jerzy Adamski (POL)

Lightweight (-60kg)[edit]

Left-right: Richard McTaggart, Abel Laudonio, Kazimierz Paździor, Sandro Lopopolo
Gold: Silver: Bronze:
Poland Kazimierz Paździor, Poland Italy Sandro Lopopolo, Italy United Kingdom Richard McTaggart, Great Britain
Argentina Abel Laudonio, Argentina


  • United Kingdom Dick McTaggart (GBR) def. Hungary Ferenc Kellner (HUN)
  • Poland Kazimierz Paździor (POL) def. Egypt Salah Shokweir (EGY)
  • Argentina Abel Laudonio (ARG) def. Soviet Union Vilikton Barannikov (URS)
  • Italy Sandro Lopopolo (ITA) def. United States Harry Campbell (USA)


  • Poland Kazimierz Paździor (POL) def. United Kingdom Dick McTaggart (GBR)
  • Italy Sandro Lopopolo (ITA) def. Argentina Abel Laudonio (ARG)


  • Poland Kazimierz Paździor (POL) def. Italy Sandro Lopopolo (ITA)

Light welterweight (-63.5kg)[edit]

Gold: Silver: Bronze:
Czechoslovakia Bohumil Němeček, Czechoslovakia Ghana Clement Quartey, Ghana United States Quincey Daniels, United States
Poland Marian Kasprzyk, Poland


  • United States Quincey Daniels (USA) def. Egypt Sayed El-Nahas (EGY)
  • Czechoslovakia Bohumil Němeček (CZE) def. Italy Piero Brandi (ITA)
  • Poland Marian Kasprzyk (POL) def. Soviet Union Vladimir Engibaryan (URS)
  • Ghana Clement Quartey (GHA) def. South Korea Kim Deuk-Bong (KOR)


  • Czechoslovakia Bohumil Němeček (CZE) def. United States Quincey Daniels (USA)


  • Czechoslovakia Bohumil Němeček (CZE) def. Ghana Clement Quartey (GHA)

Welterweight (-67kg)[edit]

Left-right:Jimmy Lloyd, Leszek Drogosz, Giovanni Benvenuti, Yuri Radonyak
Gold: Silver: Bronze:
Italy Giovanni Benvenuti, Italy Soviet Union Yuri Radonyak, Soviet Union Poland Leszek Drogosz, Poland
United Kingdom Jimmy Lloyd, Great Britain


  • Soviet Union Yuri Radonyak (URS) def. Spain Andreu Navarro (ESP)
  • Poland Leszek Drogosz (POL) def. South Africa Henry Loubscher (RSA)
  • Italy Nino Benvenuti (ITA) def. Bulgaria Shishman Mitsev (BUL)
  • United Kingdom Jimmy Lloyd (GBR) def. United States Phil Baldwin (USA)


  • Soviet Union Yuri Radonyak (URS) def. Poland Leszek Drogosz (POL)
  • Italy Nino Benvenuti (ITA) def. United Kingdom Jimmy Lloyd (GBR)


  • Italy Nino Benvenuti (ITA) def. Soviet Union Yuri Radonyak (URS)

Light middleweight (-71kg)[edit]

Gold: Silver: Bronze:
United States Wilbert McClure, United States Italy Carmelo Bossi, Italy United Kingdom William Fisher, Great Britain
Soviet Union Boris Lagutin, Soviet Union


  • United States Wilbert McClure (USA) def. Argentina Celedonio Lima (ARG)
  • Soviet Union Boris Lagutin (URS) def. Australia John Bukowski (AUS)
  • Italy Carmelo Bossi (ITA) def. France Souleymane Diallo (FRA)
  • United Kingdom William Fisher (GBR) def. Poland Henryk Dampc (POL)


  • United States Wilbert McClure (USA) def. Soviet Union Boris Lagutin (URS)
  • Italy Carmelo Bossi (ITA) def. United Kingdom William Fisher (GBR)


  • United States Wilbert McClure (USA) def. Italy Carmelo Bossi (ITA)

Middleweight (-75kg)[edit]

Gold: Silver: Bronze:
United States Eddie Crook, Jr. Poland Tadeusz Walasek, Poland Soviet Union Yevgeny Feofanov, Soviet Union
Romania Ion Monea, Romania


  • Romania Ion Monea (ROM) def. Switzerland Hans Bächi (SUI)
  • United States Eddie Crook, Jr. (USA) def. Taiwan Chang Lo-Pu (ROC)
  • Soviet Union Yevgeny Feofanov (URS) def. Italy Luigi Napoleoni (ITA)
  • Poland Tadeusz Walasek (POL) def. South Africa Frik van Rooyen (RSA)


  • United States Eddie Crook, Jr. (USA) def. Romania Ion Monea (ROM)
  • Poland Tadeusz Walasek (POL) def. Soviet Union Yevgeny Feofanov (URS)


  • United States Eddie Crook, Jr. (USA) def. Poland Tadeusz Walasek (POL)

Light heavyweight (-81kg)[edit]

Left-right: Giulio Saraudi, Anthony Madigan, Cassius Clay, Zbigniew Pietrzykowski
Gold: Silver: Bronze:
United States Cassius Clay,[n 1] United States Poland Zbigniew Pietrzykowski, Poland Australia Anthony Madigan, Australia
Italy Giulio Saraudi, Italy

First round[edit]

Second round[edit]


  • United States Cassius Clay[n 1] (USA) def. Soviet Union Gennadiy Shatkov (URS), 5–0
  • Australia Anthony Madigan (AUS) def. Romania Gheorghe Negrea (ROM), ko – 2nd round
  • Italy Giulio Saraudi (ITA) def. Argentina Rafael Gargiulo (ARG), 5–0
  • Poland Zbigniew Pietrzykowski (POL) def. Bulgaria Petar Spassov (BUL), 5–0


  • United States Cassius Clay[n 1] (USA) def. Australia Anthony Madigan (AUS), 5–0
  • Poland Zbigniew Pietrzykowski (POL) def. Italy Giulio Saraudi (ITA), 5–0


  • United States Cassius Clay[n 1] (USA) def. Poland Zbigniew Pietrzykowski (POL), 5–0

Heavyweight (81+ kg)[edit]

Gold: Silver: Bronze:
Italy Francesco de Piccoli, Italy South Africa Daniel Bekker, South Africa Czechoslovakia Josef Němec, Czechoslovakia
Germany Günter Siegmund, Germany

First Round[edit]

  • Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Obrad Sretenovic (YUG) def. Republic of Ireland Joe Casey (IRL), 5-0

Second Round[edit]

  • Czechoslovakia Josef Nemec (CZE) def. United Kingdom Dave Thomas (GBR),5-0
  • United States Percy Jr Price (USA) def Australia Ron Taylor (AUS), ko 2 round
  • Soviet Union Andrey Abramov (URS) def Spain Manuel Garcia (ESP) stop 1 round
  • Italy Franco de Piccoli (ITA) def Belgium Willy Venneman (BEL), Abandon 1 round
  • Germany Günter Siegmund (GER) def. Switzerland Max Basiger (SUI)
  • Romania Vasile Mariuèan (ROM) def. France Joseph Syoz (FRA)
  • South Africa Daniel Bekker (RSA) def. Poland Wladislaw Jedrzejewski (POL)
  • Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Obrad Sretenovic (YUG) def. Argentina Eduardo Corletti (ARG)


  • Czechoslovakia Josef Nemec (CZE) def. United States Percy Jr Price (USA)
  • Italy Franco de Piccolo (ITA) def. Soviet Union Andrey Abramov (URS)
  • Germany Günter Siegmund (GER) def. Romania Vasile Mariuèan (ROM)
  • South Africa Daniel Bekker (RSA) def. Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Obrad Sretenovic (YUG)


  • Italy Franco de Piccolo (ITA) def. Czechoslovakia Josef Nemec (CZE)
  • South Africa Daniel Bekker (RSA) def. Germany Günter Siegmund (GER)


  • Italy Franco de Piccolo (ITA) def. South Africa Daniel Bekker (RSA)


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