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The featherweight class in the boxing at the 1964 Summer Olympics competition was the third-lightest class. Featherweights were limited to those boxers weighing less than 57 kilograms. The competition was held from October 13, 1964 to October 23, 1964. 32 boxers from 32 nations competed.[1]


Gold Silver Bronze
 Stanislav Stepashkin (URS)  Anthony Villanueva (PHI)  Heinz Schulz (EUA)
 Charles Brown (USA)


Round of 32
October 13
Round of 16
October 17
October 20
October 21
October 23
 Brown (USA) 5
 Hope (AUS) 0  Brown (USA) 4
 Khiru (CAM) W  Khiru (CAM) 1
 Martínez (ARG) RSC  Brown (USA) 4
 Duran (MEX) 5  Duran (MEX) 1
 Anwer (IRQ) 0  Duran (MEX) 4
 Suk (KOR) W  Suk (KOR) 1
 Molina (CHI) DQ  Brown (USA) 1
 Takayama (JPN) 5  Villanueva (PHI) 4
 McLoughlin (NRH) 0  Takayama (JPN) RSC
 Fitzsimmons (IRL) 0  Gutman (POL) W
 Gutman (POL) 5  Gutman (POL) RSC
 Villanueva (PHI) 3  Villanueva (PHI) W
 Girgenti (ITA) 2  Villanueva (PHI) 4
 Weiss (AUT) 2  Ben Hassan (TUN) 1
 Ben Hassan (TUN) 3  Villanueva (PHI) 2
 Andeh (NGR) W  Stepashkin (URS) 3
 El-Bedewi (EGY) RSC  Andeh (NGR) 1
 Tun (BIR) W  Tun (BIR) 4
 Smith (GBR) RSC  Tun (BIR) 0
 Bhim Bahadur (NEP) 0  Schulz (EUA) 5
 Schulz (EUA) 5  Schulz (EUA) 5
 Frazer (PAN) RSC  Waruinge (KEN) 0
 Waruinge (KEN) W  Schulz (EUA) L
 Limmonen (FIN) W  Stepashkin (URS) KO
 De Rooij (NED) RSC  Limmonen (FIN) 2
 Crudu (ROU) 4  Crudu (ROU) 3
 Caminero (CUB) 1  Crudu (ROU) RSC
 Stepashkin (URS) W  Stepashkin (URS) W
 Nieves (PUR) RSC  Stepashkin (URS) W
 Hsu (ROC) W  Hsu (ROC) RSC
 Loren (ESP) DQ

Spanish boxer Valentín Loren punched a Hungarian referee in the face after being disqualified; he was banned for life from international competition.[2]


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