Boxing at the 2010 Commonwealth Games – Lightweight

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The Lightweight class is an event on the boxing at the 2010 Commonwealth Games competition. Lightweights were limited to those boxers weighing less than 60 kilograms (132.28 lbs).

34 boxers will compete, this is the largest amount of entries in any weight class.[1]

Like all Olympic boxing events, the competition was a straight single-elimination tournament. Both semifinal losers were awarded bronze medals, so no boxers compete again after their first loss. Bouts consisted of three rounds of three minutes each, with one-minute breaks between rounds. Punches scored only if the front of the glove made full contact with the front of the head or torso of the opponent. Five judges scored each bout; three of the judges had to signal a scoring punch within one second for the punch to score. The winner of the bout was the boxer who scored the most valid punches by the end of the bout.


Gold Tom Stalker
Silver Josh Taylor
Bronze Jai Bhagwan
Lomalito Moala



Semifinals Final
1  Jai Bhagwan (IND) 5
4  Tom Stalker (ENG) 10
 Tom Stalker (ENG) 11
 Josh Taylor (SCO) 3
3  Josh Taylor (SCO) 5
2  Lomalito Moala (TON) 0

Top Half[edit]

Round of 64 Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals
 Joseph Ndungu (KEN) 12
 Cobia Breedy (BAR) 1
 Joseph Ndungu (KEN) 3
 Waheed Sogambu (NGR) 4
 Nawaz Khan (PAK) 1
 Waheed Sogambu (NGR) 11
 Waheed Sogambu (NGR) 1
 Jai Bhagwan (IND) 10
 Colan Caleb (NRU) 1
 Jai Bhagwan (IND) 11
 Jai Bhagwan (IND) 11
 Naseer Mafuru (TAN) 2
 Naseer Mafuru (TAN) 6
 Andrew Opugu (PNG) 1
 Jai Bhagwan (IND) 5
 Tom Stalker (ENG) 10
 Clevon Rock (GUY) 1
 Tom Stalker (ENG) 8
 Tom Stalker (ENG) 4
 Kamal Sameera (SRI) 0
 Jewel Jony (BAN) 2
 Kamal Sameera (SRI) 6
 Tom Stalker (ENG) 7
 Luke Jackson (AUS) 2
 Sahid Lansana (SLE) 1
 Mmoloki Nogeng (BOT) 12
 Mmoloki Nogeng (BOT) 1
 Luke Jackson (AUS) +1
 Tsepo Lepoqo (LES) 1
 Luke Jackson (AUS) 6

Bottom Half[edit]

Round of 64 Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals
 Kautoa Roddy (KIR) 11
 Daly Darroux (DMA) 0
 Kautoa Roddy (KIR)
 Dalton George (LCA) DSQ
 Jewel Lewis (GRN) 1
 Dalton George (LCA) RSCH R3 28
 Kautoa Roddy (KIR) 0
 Josh Taylor (SCO) 10
 Kaisa Ioane (SAM) 17
 Benjamin Lamptey (GHA) 6
 Kaisa Ioane (SAM) 1
 Josh Taylor (SCO) 4
 Darren Edwards (WAL) 1
 Josh Taylor (SCO) 5
 Josh Taylor (SCO) 5
 Lomalito Moala (TON) 0
 Muhammad Hafiz (MAS) 2
 Lomalito Moala (TON) RSCH R3 53
 Lomalito Moala (TON) 6
 Martin Chibela (ZAM) 4
 Martin Chibela (ZAM) 4
 Felix Mwamaso (MAW) 3
 Lomalito Moala (TON) 4
 Alex Rynn (CAN) 2
 Jean Colin (MRI) 0
 Alex Rynn (CAN) 7
 Alex Rynn (CAN) 9
 Mikka Shonena (NAM) 3  Mark O'Hara (NIR) 5
 Mark O'Hara (NIR) 6  Mark O'Hara (NIR) 6
 Angus Donaldson (NZL) 7  Angus Donaldson (NZL) 0
 Ensa Jammeh (GAM) 1


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