Boxing at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics – Men's 69 kg

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These are the results of the Men's Welter 69 kg competition in boxing at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics in Singapore. Preliminaries were held on August 21, semifinals on August 22, 5th place bout on August 23, the bronze medal bout on August 24 and the Final bout on August 25. Unlike world championships and the Olympic Games, only one bronze medal is awarded.


Gold David Lourenço
Silver Ahmad Mamadjanov
Bronze Nursähet Pazzyýew


  Preliminaries Semifinals Final
 Nursähet Pazzyýew (TKM) 0
 Ahmad Mamadjanov (UZB) 2
 Ahmad Mamadjanov (UZB) 3
 David Lourenço (BRA) 7
 David Lourenço (BRA) 6
 Ben Muziyo (ZAM) 2
 David Lourenço (BRA) 2 Third place
 Islomzhon Dalibaev (KGZ) 1
 Denis Radovan (GER) 1  Nursähet Pazzyýew (TKM) 7
 Islomzhon Dalibaev (KGZ) 4  Islomzhon Dalibaev (KGZ) 0
5th place bout
 Ben Muziyo (ZAM) 6
 Denis Radovan (GER) 13