Boy Meets Girl (1998 film)

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Boy Meets Girl
Directed by Jerry Ciccoritti
Produced by Stavros C. Stavrides
Written by Doug Bagot
Timothy Lee
Starring Sean Astin
Emily Hampshire
Kevin McDonald
Joe Mantegna
Kate Nelligan
Music by John McCarthy
Cinematography David Perrault
Edited by James Bredin
ARTO-pelli Motion Pictures III Inc.
Release date
  • 1998 (1998)
Running time
99 minutes (Canada)
102 minutes (U.S.)
Country Canada
United States
Language English

Boy Meets Girl is a 1998 romantic comedy fantasy film directed by Jerry Ciccoritti and starring Sean Astin and Emily Hampshire.

Awards and nominations[edit]

Summary of Boy Meets Girl[edit]

Boy Meets Girl is a romantic comedy that stars Emily Hampshire as Angelina and Sean Astin as Mike. Angelina is a shy waitress forced to leave her home in Italy to be married to a man she is not in love with in order to fulfill a family vow. After Angelina moves into a new neighborhood in Little Italy, Toronto; she is torn with the idea of marrying a man she is not in love with. However, in the days leading up to valentines day, Angelina encounters Mike and the two seemingly are shot with Cupid's arrows. Angelina and Mike's search for love come to an end after realizing how connected they truly are to each other. [1]


Film Director Information[edit]

Jerry Ciccoritti is a Canadian director who directed the 1998 film Boy Meets Girl. After growing up in Toronto's Little Italy, his life was always involved film and directing. After various involvement opportunities in different film making companies, he soon started his own journey with his own company. Starting out with low budget horror movie films such as Psycho Girls (1985). After finding success, more opportunities arose such as directing Paris, France (film) with a million dollar budget; which was much more than ever before. Ciccoritti has won seven Gemini Awards for best director and much praise for various television and film work. Jerry Ciccoritti is seen as a very well known Canadian director and has helped many actors/acresses grow such as Emily Hampshire who is seen in Boy Meets Girl (1998). [2]

Film Reviews[edit]

1) "I got it only because I needed to see a particular actor that's in it, and I thought I was going to have to endure it because as a rule I despise romantic comedies. But this one... by God, I liked it! In fact, I love it, and I've never regretted the 10 bucks I paid for it. It's so very charming. Even my brother liked it, and believe me, that's really saying something! This movie manages to exist in its own little world, it creates an atmosphere. That's something I find lacking in many movies. Some people complain about the silly special effects, but IMO they're part of the atmosphere and they make it all feel somewhat magical. The music is also very good at setting the mood (I really wish I could get that Al Di La song somewhere!). If you've ever been in love, go get this film." User Review

2) "I liked this movie for many reasons, and mostly because it was a romantic comedy that was something different. There is a feel of mystery and magical realism that I found intriguing. It wasn't a standard boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl. For me, the magical couple (Il Magnifico and Mrs. Jones) and their apparent affect on Angelina and Mike's romance. was the most interesting part of the movie. The scenes in which Angelina and Mike were in together were great - I wish that there had been more of them. I like the scene in which Angelina appears to be speaking in English without her Italian accent, and Mike appears to be speaking Italian. If you like Italy and the Italian language, chances are you will like this movie. If you are Italian, as I am, you will relate to the characters. There was a good amount of Italian in the movie. There is a funny scene in which Mike learns Italian "gestures." and what they mean. He also gets a sort of magical romantic makeover. I'm not sure where this movie was filmed (Canada, maybe?) but I thought that the scenery was beautiful. It sort of reminded me of the Little Italy in Montreal. I like the fact that both men and women will enjoy this movie - it's not a typical "chick flick." All in all, a good movie - a must - see for Sean Astin fans or anyone who likes romantic movies." User Review

Details of Film[edit]

  • Countries Released - Canada and USA
  • Languages Available - English and Italian
  • Release Date - September 12th 1998
  • Filming Locations - Syracuse/New York/USA, Toronto/Ontario/Canada



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