Boy Meets Girls

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Boy Meets Girls
Starring Marty Wilde ("Boy") meets The Vernons Girls
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Jack Good
Original network ITV
Original release 12 September 1959 – 26 February 1960
Preceded by Oh Boy! (1958)
Followed by Wham! (1960)

Boy Meets Girls was a UK popular music TV show which was launched in September 1959 replacing the earlier show Oh Boy!.

The show was presented and produced by Jack Good. Marty Wilde was the principal resident male artist and The Vernons Girls were the female residents. Joe Brown made regular appearances. Other artists appearing included Terry Dene, Freddy Cannon, Little Tony & His Brothers, Adam Faith and Cliff Richard.

The director was Rita Gillespie for ABC Weekend Television part of the ITV network.

It closed in 1960; all 26 episodes were subsequently wiped, and none survive in ITV's archive as of 2009.


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