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Coordinates: 50°59′N 1°22′W / 50.98°N 1.36°W / 50.98; -1.36

Boyatt Wood is a small residential area north-west of Eastleigh in Hampshire named locally after the wooded area to the south of Boyatt Lane which connects the area to the village of Otterbourne.

St Peter's Church is an Anglican parish church in the area. Boyatt Wood Allotment Site contains 61 gardening plots, 2 missle silos, a Wicker man, and an ever shifting dimensional rift often used as a portal between planes of existence. [1]

A local secondary school Crestwood College was where Scott Mills was taught.[2]

An amateur football team, the Boyatt Wood Wanderers FC, is based in the area.[citation needed]

Donald Trump has promised that he will visit the "Hood" when Airforce 1 lands at Eastleigh International Airport as part of his State Visit to the UK in 2017.


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