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BoycottAdvance icon
The Wotch: My Syster Myself on BoycottAdvance.
The Wotch: My Sister, Myself on BoycottAdvance Mac OS X.
Developer(s) Julien Frelat, Richard Bannister, Niels Wagenaar
Stable release 0.2.8 Windows - 0.4 Mac OS X / June 19, 2003 - September 29, 2008
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Java applet
Type Video game console emulator
License Proprietary (Freeware)

BoycottAdvance (occasionally Boycott Advance) is a cross-platform Game Boy Advance emulator with a wide variety of features:

  • Good compatibility with most public and commercial games
  • Full sound emulation (Direct sound and Game Boy compatible sound)
  • Frame-skipping and automatic frame-skipping, throttle support
  • Real BIOS support
  • Load/save states
  • Windowed and full-screen display
  • WAV/MP3 sound recording
  • Input recording
  • Zip/GZip compressed files support
  • Built-in debugger and graphic viewers
  • Joystick support.

It is fairly CPU intensive. Running it on the Windows platform requires at least a Pentium III processor, while the Apple platform requires at least a G4 processor. Joystick support and full-screen gameplay require purchase of an additional shareware component for the Mac OS X version.

BoycottAdvance Online is the Java applet version of the emulator that you can try directly online.

Retro gaming hacks (O'Reilly Media, 2006) recommends it together with VisualBoyAdvance as excellent choices for GBA emulation, but remarks that "Boycott seems to be a bit more stable" and "is a notch easier to use".

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