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Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka
Boyd & Blair bottle.jpg
Type Vodka
Manufacturer Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries LLC
Country of origin Glenshaw, Pennsylvania, United States
Introduced 2010 in United States
Alcohol by volume 80 Proof / 40 % ALC
Proof (US) 80 Proof
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Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka is a brand of American made vodka distilled in Glenshaw, Pennsylvania by Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries, LLC. This small-batch, award winning vodka is made from Pennsylvania potatoes using a "think-local" philosophy.[1] The potatoes used are grown in Pennsylvania's Somerset, Butler, and Schuylkill Counties.[2] The distillery is located in the former Glenshaw Glass works in Shaler Township, Pennsylvania[3]

The company was started by two men: Prentiss Orr was a marketing consultant who worked for the South Side's Outlook Advertising Agency and previously served as vice president of the Greater Pittsburgh Area Chamber of Commerce; Barry Young was a former president and CEO of RX Partners, an affiliate of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Health System.[2] Orr is chairman and Young is president and CEO.[2] They were inspired by the micro-brew phase of the 1990s after Young had visited the Jack Daniels Distillery.[2]

The beginning of the company began in 2005 when Orr and Young first discussed the idea of opening a distillery.[2] The company, Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries, LLC, got started with $1 million in private investment and a $165,000 state grant from the First Industries Fund through the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.[2][4]

The 2008 Pittsburgh Whiskey and Fine Spirits Festival played a large role in attracting early buzz.[5] It was recognized by GQ magazine in 2011.[6]

By 2010 it was available in Ohio, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Illinois, and California.[7] In 2011, Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries struck a deal with The Country Vintner to distribute Boyd & Blair in Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina, the District of Columbia and Florida.[7] In March 2012, a deal was struck with Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to make it available in Pennsylvania state liquor stores.[3]

In June 201, Spirit Journal ranked Boyd & Blair the 22nd-ranked liquor on the planet and the highest-ranked vodka on the list.[8] The acclaim was noted by The New Yorker.[9] In 2017, Boyd & Blair was awarded another 95 Rating By F. Paul Pacault's "Spirit Journal," as well as a Tried & True award among others. Boyd & Blair has received acclaim in Food Network Magazine, Saveur Magazine, Details Magazine, Food & Wine Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal. In March 2012, the specialty version of Boyd & Blair, 151 Professional Proof, was given 5 Stars/Highest Recommendation by Spirit Journal.[10]