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Background information
Birth nameDavid Paul Brown
Born (1987-08-24) 24 August 1987 (age 32)
Telford, England
  • YouTuber
  • musician
  • rapper
Years active2007–present
Associated acts
YouTube information
  • Vlog
  • music
  • education
Subscribers2.7 million
Total views266 million
YouTube Silver Play Button 2.svg 100,000 subscribers 2013
YouTube Gold Play Button 2.svg 1,000,000 subscribers 2017
Updated August 22, 2019

David Paul "Dave" Brown, (born 24 August 1987),[1] better known online by his pseudonym Boyinaband, is an English YouTuber, musician, and rapper. Brown is well known for his song "Don't Stay in School" and collaborations with other YouTubers such as iDubbbz, Jaiden Animations, Jack Frags, Roomie, Andrew Huang, TheOdd1sOut, Emma Blackery, Dan Bull and PewDiePie. His work has spanned various genres including electronic, hip hop and heavy metal as a producer, vocalist, songwriter, DJ and instrumentalist.

Among other endeavors are his former electronic metal band You and What Army, which had various successes playing Download Festival and Sonisphere. The band was put on hiatus in 2014. Other video content of his include vlogs, music tutorials, education, comedy skits, raps and challenges.


Brown's YouTube channel was created on 14 November 2007.[2] Currently, the oldest public video on the channel is a music tutorial published on 27 June 2008.[3] Most early videos were focused on his band You and What Army, or were tutorials, educational, vlogs, reviews and interviews with other musicians.

From 2011 onwards, parodies and skits were more prominent on the channel, for example "How to Play Dubstep Guitar" and "Appropriate Faces for 10 Genres of Music".[4][5]

On 2 February 2015, Brown published the music video for his song "Don't Stay in School", which went viral. In the track, he criticizes the school systems for teaching topics he deemed irrelevant and useless subjects, thus wasting students' time when they had the potential of learning things of value such as practical life skills or that interest them.

The song has been subject to controversy for seeming to send a message encouraging students to drop out of school; however, Brown has stated that it is merely meant to critique the school system, and the words "Don't Stay in School" refer to the topics he considered pointless that are taught in schools.[6]

Despite drawing controversy, the song has also received praise and agreement - both from students and teachers.[7] The video was reacted to by parents on the Fine Brothers channel, with many sympathizing with his arguments.[8]

External video
Don't Stay in School, YouTube music video
You don't legally have to go to school, informational YouTube video

Over time, Brown released a series of follow-up videos to "Don't Stay in School". His final follow-up video, "You don't legally have to go to school",[9] discusses various unconventional educational options: alternative schools, charter schools, "unschooling", and homeschooling. In the video, Brown also interviews a student from one of these progressive schools.

In 2015, Brown published a song featuring fellow YouTubers Cryaotic and Minx focusing on LGBT issues and him voicing his support for the community in collaboration with the UK-based LGBT charity somewhereto_.[10]

In 2017, Brown collaborated with Ian "iDubbbz" Carter to create a diss track against Bryan "RiceGum" Le titled "Asian Jake Paul" as part of Carter's Content Cop series.[11][12]

On 31 March 2019, Brown collaborated with PewDiePie and Roomie in an upbeat synth pop/hip hop music video titled "Congratulations". The music video was based on sarcastically congratulating Bollywood Music Corporation T-Series in surpassing PewDiePie in subscribers, while also bringing up the corporation's past scandals and with Brown criticizing the Caste system in India.[13]

Brown's sister Hannah also has a YouTube channel, titled "WhiteEnglishGirl", where she mainly uploads Japanese related content.[14] She also has a YouTube channel teaching Japanese called "JapaneseJoshi".



  • Quite a Lot of Songs (2013)
  • Merry Christmix (2013)


  • "Djentstep" (2012)
  • "2.99" (2013)
  • "Djentrance" (2013)
  • "Midnight" (ft. Veela) (2013)
  • "Chipstep" (ft. Andrew Huang) (2013)
  • "Djentrap" (2013)
  • "Producer Name Rap" (2013)
  • "Point at All the Things" (featuring Jack Frags) (2013)
  • "Battlefield vs Call of Duty Rap Battle" (featuring Jack Frags) (2013)
  • "Hello Monsta" (featuring Minx and Markiplier) (2013)
  • "I Am Mildly Annoyed" (featuring Cookiebreed) (2014)
  • "Day-Z Hero vs Bandit Rap Battle" (featuring Jack Frags) (2014)
  • "That Girl" (featuring Cookiebreed, Patty Walters and VeeOneEye) (2014)
  • "Too Much Fun" (featuring Minx) (2014)
  • "Limelight" (featuring Cryaotic) (2014)
  • "You Look Like a Girl" (2014)
  • "How to Get a Number One Song" (featuring Roomie) (2014)
  • "Murder" (featuring Minx & Chilled) (2014)
  • "Town of Salem" (featuring Minx) (2014)
  • "Christmix 4" (2014)
  • "Don't Stay in School" (2015)
  • "Spectrum" (featuring Cryaotic and Minx) (2015)
  • "I'm Not Dead" (2016)
  • "Top of the Props" (featuring Minx) (2016)
  • "Prancer Rap" (featuring TheOdd1sOut) (2018)


  • "Time Bomb" – Feint and Boyinaband (featuring Veela) (2012)
  • "Super Mario Dubstep Cypher" – None Like Joshua (featuring Boyinaband, Dan Bull and Veela) (2013)
  • "A to Z" – Boyinaband and Andrew Huang (2013)
  • "Counter Strike Porch" Dan Bull (featuring Boyinaband) (2014)
  • "Xbox One vs. PS4 Rap Battle" – Boyinaband and Oliver Age 24 (2014)
  • Xenocide (EP) – Seamless, None Like Joshua and Boyinaband (2014)
  • "Bible Rap" – Boyinaband and Dan Bull (2014)
  • "A to Z 2" – Andrew Huang and Boyinaband (2014)
  • Plants vs. Zombies (EP) – Dan Bull and Boyinaband (2015)
  • "Asian Jake Paul" - iDubbbz (featuring Boyinaband) (2017)
  • "Empty" (featuring Jaiden Animations) (2018)
  • "Life Is Fun" (featuring TheOdd1sOut) (2018)
  • "Congratulations" by PewDiePie (featuring Boyinaband and Roomie) (2019)

With You and What Army[edit]

  • Soundtrack to the Apocalypse (2009)
  • The End of the Beginning (2010)
  • You and What Army EP (2012)


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