Boyle River (New Zealand)

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Boyle River
Boyle River - St James Walkway, New Zealand (87).jpg
Country New Zealand
Basin features
Main source Opera Range
River mouth Hope River
Physical characteristics
Length 37 km (23 mi)

The Boyle River is a river of New Zealand. A tributary of the Hope River, it flows south, then west before curving round to the southeast before joining with the Hope. State Highway 7 follows the course of the river for some distance south of the Lewis Pass; the pass itself is located less than five kilometres to the west of the river's source. The upper reaches of the river form a deep valley between the Opera Range and the Libretto Range.

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Coordinates: 42°36′S 172°24′E / 42.600°S 172.400°E / -42.600; 172.400