Boys Life 5

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Boys Life 5
Directed by Michael Burke
Eytan Fox
Adam Salky
David Ottenhouse
Release date
Running time
110 min.
Country United States
Language English

Boys Life 5 is the fifth installment of the Boys Life series, which collects LGBT-related short films. Distributed by Strand Releasing. This gay anthology of short films about unrequited love should strike a universal chord with audiences of all persuasions. Fans of these short films should note that director Eytan Fox returned to similar subject matter in his full-length Yossi & Jagger (2002); filmmaker Michael Burke expanded "Fishbelly White" into the full length film The Mudge Boy (2003); and Adam Salky (director) (along with original writer David Brind) expanded and remade Dare into a full length feature film, also entitled Dare (2009).

Boys Life 5 consists of the following segments:

"Fishbelly White" chronicles the rural isolation of childlike Duncan (Mickey Smith), who's been lonely since his mother's death. Because his care-worn father ignores him, Darren befriends the farm animals and adopts a chicken as his pet. Abused by his own father, an older adolescent named Perry (Jason Hayes) takes a shine to the outcast. Proclaiming they aren't gay, Darren and Perry suppress a mutual attraction that would outrage Perry's macho friends. Directed by Michael Burke.

  • Late Summer (2001; Director/Writer: David Ottenhouse)

"Late Summer" deals with the sort of unspecified childhood crush that both gays and straights have experienced. After his parents die in a car crash, Adam goes to live with an aunt and uncle; Adam's popular cousin Josh (Chris Nee) takes him under his wing. Responding to this all-American teen's guidance, the sheltered Adam learns how to skateboard and use a still-camera. Frozen in time, one picture celebrates how Josh lives on in his younger cousin's heart. Directed by David Ottenhouse.

  • Time Off

"Time Off" offers viewers a tour of duty with Israeli soldiers during the First Lebanon War, in 1982. In a bivouac, sensitive Yonatan (Hanoch Re'im) wonders why gung-ho Lieutenant Erez (Gil Frank) picks on him. On leave in the city, Yonatan discovers the answer, when he wanders into a known gay pick-up spot. Directed by Eytan Fox.

  • Dare (2005; Director/Writer: Adam Salky)

In "Dare," Ben (Adam Fleming), a teenage techie, shines a spotlight on Johnny (Michael Cassidy), a jock stumbling through the lead in the school play. Keeping his adoration a secret, the backstage crewmember offers to run lines with the athlete. At Johnny's house, Ben drinks and jokes provocatively with his crush. After some good-natured teasing, the two teens take a dip in the pool. An exchange of confidences weaves a spell broken by the intrusion of classmates. Directed by Adam Salky.

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