Boys from the Streets

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Boys from the Streets
Directed by Ulf Greber
Arne Skouen
Written by Arne Skouen
Starring Tom Tellefsen
Ivar Thorkildsen
Pål Bang-Hansen
Svein Byhring
Per Knobelauch
Ella Hval
Jack Fjeldstad
Release date
26 December 1949
Running time
77 minutes
Country Norway
Language Norwegian

Boys from the Streets (Norwegian: Gategutter) is a 1949 Norwegian drama film directed by Ulf Greber and Arne Skouen, starring, among others, Tom Tellefsen, Ivar Thorkildsen and Pål Bang-Hansen. The film takes place on the east side of Oslo in the early 1930s, and follows a group of young criminals who steal coconuts from passing trucks.

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