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Also known asBryllyant Berger and The Tronic Twins
OriginHamburg, Germany
Years active1982 (1982)–present
Associated actsBeachhead Kamerata Electric Theatre Bryllyant Berger and The Tronic Twins Ultrabass Kapitän Sehnsucht U96
MembersHolger Wobker
James Knights
Past membersPeter Sawatzki-Bär
Klaus Dufke
Claus Stockhausen
Charlie Schöppner
Mark Wade
Hayo Lewerentz
Alberto Ingo Hauss
Helmut Hoinkis
Hans Johm
Michael Maria Ziffels

Boytronic is a German music group that plays electropop. It was founded in 1983 by Holger Wobker and Peter Sawatzki in Hamburg, Germany as Kapitän Sehnsucht (Captain Desire). The original Boytronic released two synthpop albums: The Working Model (1983) and The Continental (1985). The record company, claiming rights to the band name, put together a completely different line-up in 1986. It was headed by Hayo Lewerentz (Hayo Panarinfo) (U96/Major Records) and continued to record under the Boytronic name until the mid-1990s. In 2002, Boytronic was revived by Wobker from the original group and Panarinfo from the second incarnation. They released the albums Autotunes, Maxi and remastered editions of The Working Model (Reverse) and The Continental (Replace) with bonus tracks. The albums was released on Hayo Lewerentz label Major Records.

Wobker teamed up with his Beachhead bandmate Hans Johm (Antlers Mulm) and Michael Maria Ziffels for the Dependence (2006) album. On this album the song "Forever" from The Continental album, sees its German version as "Für Immer".

The band had three charting singles in Germany. In a 1986 NME interview, Curtis Mantronik said that he had adopted his pseudonym, and the name Mantronix, from an imported recording by this group.

Group members[edit]





  • Hayo Panarinfo
  • Bela Lagonda




Boytronic discovery[edit]


Remix Albums[edit]

  • Boyzclub Remixes (1991)
  • The Robot The Robot Treatment (Remix Pack Piece Of Entertainment And Dancing Wild For You) (2020) [1]

Re-released Albums[edit]

Unreleased Albums[edit]


  • Maxi (2004)
  • The Original Maxi-Singles Collection (2014) [2]
  • The Drama Compilation [3]

Singles Boytronic[edit]

  • You (1983) GER No. 10
  • Diamonds And Loving Arms (1984)
  • You (US release) (1984)
  • Man In A Uniform (1984)
  • Hold On (1984)
  • Late Night Satellite (1985)
  • Hurts (1986)
  • You ('86 release) (1986)
  • Bryllyant (1986)
  • I Will Survive (1988)
  • Tears (1988)
  • Don't Let me Down (1988) GER No. 45
  • Trigger Track '89 (1989)
  • Hold On ('91 release) (1991)
  • You ('91 release) (1991)
  • Pictures Of You (1992)
  • My Baby Lost Her Way (1992)
  • Send Me An Angel (1994) GER No. 95
  • Blue Velvet (1995)
  • Living Without You 1 (2002)
  • Living Without You 2 (2002)
  • Time After Midnight (2017)
  • All You Can Eat (2019)

As KAMERATA - Holger Wobker, Ralf Martens [4][edit]


  • Lovers & Other Strangers (1988)


  • Charlotte (1987)
  • Heroin (1987)
  • Horseback (1988)

As BEACHHEAD- Holger Wobker, Hans Johm [5][edit]

  • Drowning Tonight (2006)

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