Boyz After Money Always

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Origin Alabama, United States
Genres Southern hip-hop
Years active 1997–present
Members Rain and Taurus Caine

B.A.M.A., an acronym meaning Boyz After Money Always, is an American hip-hop group from Alabama. The group consists of two members- Rain and Taurus Caine. The members met in 1997 when the two (then both solo artists) were recording at Knight Crimes studio in Montgomery, Alabama.[1] At the time, the only mission on their minds was recording anything so that people knew they existed. From that point, the two kindled a friendship that would eventually see Taurus Caine moving to the west coast and back to launch a "street worthy" solo career, Rain moving to Birmingham, and launching a successful "ghost writing" career, and both artists ending up back in Montgomery, Alabama with the same manager. It was that manager, Brian Miller[disambiguation needed], who saw the uniqueness in the two and convinced the "Boyz" to form what has become one of the largest music accomplishments to the state of Alabama.

In 2004 BAMA released their independent, debut record Southern Evolution. The album sold more than 10,000 copies, and received a great amount of attention on radio stations throughout the Southeast. The "buzz" was immediately noticed by Universal Records, and in August of the same year, BAMA signed a recording deal with Universal and nationally released a hip-hop remake of the southern rock classic "Sweet Home Alabama". The single was a phenomenal success for Universal, selling more than 100,000 copies, as well as over 150,000 ringtones.[citation needed]. In 2005, they performed at Jeff Foxworthy's celebrity roast which was broadcast on Comedy Central.