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Boyztown is a gay red-light district in Pattaya, Thailand.[1] It was founded in the late-1980s with the first gay venue in all of Pattaya. Soon it became a popular nightlife spot for many gay travelers and locals, with a range of different places, such as hotels, pubs, restaurants, cabaret show bars, and go-go bars. While the area was frequented predominately by gays from the 1990s until 2009. In 2010 a shift of the area took place. Many straight visitors found the central location in south Pattaya a good location for their stay in town.

Throughout the decades of its existence Boyztown and its business owners have been active in charity work through a foundation called "Pattaya Gay Festival" and, since 2010, "Pattaya Pride". Donations have been made for several foundations including HIV and AIDS projects.


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