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Boyzvoice was a fictional Norwegian boy band, best known from the movie Get Ready to be Boyzvoiced (2000). They consisted of three band members: brothers M*Pete (Espen Eckbo), Hot Tub (Øyvind Thoen), and Roar Lund-Bergseter (Kaare Daniel Steen).

Boyzvoice was originally formed by Norwegian comedians/actors Espen Eckbo and Henrik Elvestad with the purpose to make fun of boy bands and the commercial music industry. Boyzvoice first appeared on a late-night Norwegian talk-show in 1999 and the same year they climbed the charts in Norway with their Christmas single Let Me Be Your Father X-mas, but Verdens Gang took the song as sincere and described it as an "cliche orgasm" that couldn't be taken seriously, before rating it an one of six.

In Get Ready to be Boyzvoiced, a mockumentary about their lives, first released in 2000, they have to overcome a scandal involving lip-synching over recordings made by session musicians, which results in their being dropped by their record company — reminiscent of the real-life incident involving Milli Vanilli. The scandal is further fed by their manager Timothy Dahle (Henrik Elvestad) physically assaulting two elderly members of the Salvation Army at a charity concert, and the discovery that lead-singer M*Pete's 16-year-old girlfriend (Ida Thorkildsen Valvik) lied about her age and is in fact only 12.

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