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Bozdar or Buzdar is a Baloch tribe primarily living in Baluchistan.

The tribe is of Rind (Arab) extraction, and usually associated with the mountain districts of the frontier near Dera Ghazi Khan. They are also to be found in Zhob, Thal-Chotiali and Las Bela, whilst the majority of the population are said to live in the Punjab. They are usually graziers, and the name Bozdar is probably derived from Buz, the Persian name for goat. Within the limits of their mountain home on the outer spurs of the Suliman hills they have always been a turbulent race, mustering about 2700 fighting men, and they were formerly constantly feuding with the neighbouring Ustarana and Sherani tribes. In 1857, their raids into the Punjab drew upon them a punitive n expedition under Brigadier-General Sir N. B. Chamberlain. The Sangarh pass was captured and the Bozdars submitted.