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Bozorgmehr Hosseinpour (born in 1976) is an Iranian cartoonist and art director. He holds a bachelor of painting from the Azad University of Tehran. He has been a cartoonist and caricaturist of the press since 1990, including publications such as “Golagha magazines”, ”Kyhan caricature monthly”, “Zan news paper”, ”Sorush e Nojavan magazine”, ” Roshd e Nojavan magazine”, “Norouz newspaper”, ”Aftabgardan newspaper”, ”Eghbal newspaper”, and “Chelcheragh weekly magazine".

Art director of the magazines[edit]

  • “Zanan e Farda”
  • ”Arous e Honar”
  • ”Danesh e Yoga”.


- Directing more than ten animated advertising films. - Directing and producing fifty minutes animated short films in the cultural and conceptual subjects for “Saba” center. - Directing and producing fifty minutes animated short films in the “Book” subject for”Saba”center. - Directing and producing three hours documentary film about the ancient monuments of Iran. - Directing and producing thirty minutes animated short films in the social Subjects for” Hoze Honari”center.


1999-“Dolmeh” : Golagha pub. 2004-“Sandevich” : Aftabgardan pub. 2005-“Ghero Ghambil” :Rozaneh pub. 2006-“Tales of island” :Rozaneh pub.

Books under publishing

“A collection of caricatures and editorial cartoons. “A collection of spiritual comic strips with the name of “Rendestan” : Mosallas pub.


- Winner of water international exhibition of Tehran. - Winner of national cartoon exhibition of council of Tehran in subject of : “The Blue sky of Tehran”. 1996-1st prize of the urban press exhibition. 2003-3rd prize of “Dialogue of civilizations international cartoon exhibition,Iran”. 2006-2nd prize of the urban press exhibition. 2006-The best animated short film in the urban satirical exhibition. 2007-Golden medal of Persian cartoon special site as the best cartoonist of the year. 2007-Selected prize of The great visual art festival of China. 2007-1st prize of international cartoon biennial of Tehran in the portrait section.


Taking part in several individual and collective exhibitions in different years.