Brás (São Paulo Metro)

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São Paulo Metro logo.png Brás
Coordinates 23°32′52″S 46°36′57″W / 23.547824°S 46.615881°W / -23.547824; -46.615881Coordinates: 23°32′52″S 46°36′57″W / 23.547824°S 46.615881°W / -23.547824; -46.615881
Platforms Side platforms and Island platforms
Connections Access to SPTrans Bus Line
Structure type elevated
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Station code BAS
Opened March 10, 1979
Preceding station   São Paulo Metro   Following station
Line 3
Preceding station   CPTM   Following station
Line 10 Line 10.tiff
Line 11 Line 11.tiff
toward Estudantes
Terminus Line 12 Line 12.tiff
toward Calmon Viana
Terminus Line 13 Line 13.tiff

Brás is a station on Line 3 (Red) of the São Paulo Metro[1] and Lines 10 (Turquoise), 11 (Coral), and 12 (Sapphire) of the CPTM commuter train. The planned Line 13 (Jade) of the CPTM system will also have a station at Brás.[2]


The first station at this location was opened on February 16, 1867, under the name 'Brás' by the São Paulo Railway (SPR). On November 6, 1875, the Northern Railway (Estrada de Ferro do Norte, later the Estrada de Ferro Central do Brasil) opened a terminal station, called the 'Estação do Norte' for their northern rail lines. The name of this station was changed to "Roosevelt" on September 15, 1945, by presidential decree in homage to the American President Franklin Roosevelt, who died that year.

During the 1950s the government took control of the lines operated by the SPR, and creating the National Rail Company RFFSA (liquidated in 2007). During the 1980s, with the construction of the East-West Line (Green line 3 on the São Paulo Metro) the train station was integrated with the newly inaugurated metro station, forming the integrated Brás station. In 1994, the CPTM assumed administration of the suburban rail service and remodeled the station. After the remodeling, the name 'Roosevelt' was officially dropped, and the station began being called Brás, as was called the original SPR station.

SPTrans lines[edit]

The following SPTrans bus lines can be accessed. Passengers may use a Bilhete Único card for transfer:

Line Destination
5131/10 Cid. Ademar
5630/10 Grajaú Terminal