Brânză de burduf

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Brânză de burduf
Branza burduf feteasca neagra.jpg
Country of origin Romania
Region, town Transylvania
Town Fundata
Source of milk Sheep
Pasteurised Traditionally, no
Texture Soft

Brânză de burduf is a salty type of cheese, with sheep's-milk cheese, has a strong flavour and slightly soft in texture. To obtain it, sweet caş is cut into small pieces, salted and then hand-mixed in a large wooden bowl. The mixture is then placed in a sheep’s stomach, or into a sheep’s skin that has been carefully cleaned and sawed on the edges, or in a tube made of pine bark. The cheese can be consumed even if kept for a long time in a sheep’s stomach or in a sheep’s skin. If kept in pine bark, the cheese gets a specific pine resin flavour. The cheese is specific to southeastern Transylvania, Romania.[1]

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