Braće Jerković

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Braće Jerković

Braće Jerković or colloquially Jerković (Serbian Cyrillic: Браће Јерковић or Јерковић, pronounced [brât͡ɕɛː jɛ̌ːrkɔv̞it͡ɕ]) is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in Belgrade's municipality of Voždovac.


Braće Jerković is located between the valleys of the former creeks of Kumodraški potok and Mokroluški potok. It borders the neighborhoods of Marinkova Bara (north), Dušanovac (north-west), Voždovac (west), Medaković II (north-east), Padina (east), while in the south it extends into the neighborhood of Braće Jerković II. It is bounded by the elbow-shaped street of the same name (on the west and south) and the street of Ignjata Joba (on the east). Northern border to Dušanovac and Marinkova Bara, just as it case with many neighborhoods of Belgrade, can not be clearly established, though majority of city maps place it between the Darvinova and Ignjata Joba streets...


The neighborhood was named after two brothers (Brothers Jerković), Dušan Jerković (1914–41), a teacher and a World War II national hero, and Nebojša Jerković.

Even though it leans on the Voždovac's industrial zone along the Kumodraška street, the neighborhood itself is entirely residential, built since the 1960s and the newer sections consist solely of residential buildings. Combined population of Braće Jerković and Mitrovo Brdo was 24,010 in 2002.

The main feature in the neighborhood is the Centralno groblje ("central cemetery"), one of two main graveyards in urban Belgrade (the other one being the Novo groblje ("new cememtery") in Zvezdara. The church dedicated to Saint John the Baptist is within the cemetery complex.

Braće Jerković II [edit]

Braće Jerković II or Veljko Vlahović (Serbian Cyrillic: Вељко Влаховић) was officially assigned name to the newer, southern extension of the neighborhood. It occupies the area between the streets of Braće Jerković, Pive Karamatijevića and Dragice Končar, with 12,557 people living in the sub-neighborhood in 2002. Even though built in the 1970s, the name didn't live up and except for some official uses (like the real estate agencies advertising or the official style of the terminal station of the bus line 26). It was named after the Communist politician Veljko Vlahović (1914–75). In the early 2000s the name of the neighborhood was officially changed to Mitrovo Brdo.

Braće Jerković III[edit]

Eastern, residential extension of the neighborhood. It is located between the streets of Dragice Končar on the south, Ignjata Joba on the north and Svetozara Radojčića on the east, with Central cemetery on the north-west. Main street in the neighborhood is Indire Gandi.

Coordinates: 44°46′09″N 20°29′20″E / 44.76917°N 20.48889°E / 44.76917; 20.48889