Brașovia Citadel

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Brașovia Citadel
Romanian: Cetatea Brașovia
Rests of a wall
Brașovia Citadel is located in Romania
Brașovia Citadel
Location within Romania
General information
Status Demolished
Type Citadel
Location ROU BV Brasov CoA.svg Brașov
Actual Brasov county CoA.png Brașov County
Country  Romania
Coordinates 45°37′59″N 25°35′32″E / 45.63306°N 25.59222°E / 45.63306; 25.59222
Demolished 1448 - 1453

Brașovia Citadel was a fortification located on the top of Tâmpa mountain in Brașov, Romania. It was demolished until the beginning of 1455 from the order of Iancu de Hunedoara.[1]


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