Brabantse Stedenrij

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Brabant metropolitan area
Brabantse Stedenrij
Brabantine City Row
Binnenstad Eindhoven.jpg
's-Hertogenbosch - Panorama - Gezicht op Sint Jan vanaf Sint Jacobskerktoren - RCE.jpg
Tilburg kerk.jpg Tilburg westpoint.jpg Interpolis.jpg Heikese kerk P1020216.JPG
From top down, left to right: city centre of Eindhoven
Port of Breda, with the Church of Our Lady in the back
City centre of 's-Hertogenbosch with the St. John's Cathedral
Tilburg: Joseph Church, Westpoint, Interpolis, Dionysius Church
Map - NL - Brabantse Stedenrij Municipalities (2009).png
Coordinates: 51°35′N 5°10′E / 51.583°N 5.167°E / 51.583; 5.167Coordinates: 51°35′N 5°10′E / 51.583°N 5.167°E / 51.583; 5.167
Country  Netherlands
Province  North Brabant
Largest Cities Eindhoven
Other Municipalities
 • CMSA 2,436.37 km2 (940.69 sq mi)
 • Land 2,375.38 km2 (917.14 sq mi)
 • Water 60.99 km2 (23.55 sq mi)
Population (31 August 2015)[2]
 • CMSA 1,944,588
 • Density 819/km2 (2,120/sq mi)

Brabantse Stedenrij (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈbraːbɑntsə ˌsteːdə(n)ˈrɛi̯], English: Brabantine City Row) is a polycentric city region in the province of North Brabant, Netherlands.[3][4] Its population is about 2 million. The main cities are 's-Hertogenbosch, Breda, Eindhoven, Helmond and Tilburg. Other municipalities of the area are Bergen op Zoom, Oss and Roosendaal. The metropolitan region also includes other large towns such as Boxtel, Etten-Leur, Oosterhout, Uden, Veghel, Veldhoven and Waalwijk.

The Brabantse Stedenrij is well known for its innovative science, technology & engineering industry (e.g. Philips, DAF, VDL, Ciber, Atos, NXP, FEI and Thales in Eindhoven, ASML and Navteq in Veldhoven, Vanderlande and Alliance Boots in Veghel, Merck & Co., Aspen and B. Braun Medical in Oss, Fujifilm and Tesla Motors in Tilburg, Bosch Rexroth in Boxtel, and Acer Inc. in 's-Hertogenbosch), as well as for its rich agriculture and food industry (e.g. Mars Inc., Agrifirm, Royal Canin and FrieslandCampina's DMV in Veghel, Bavaria in Lieshout, Heineken in 's-Hertogenbosch, Coca-Cola in Dongen, Vion in Boxtel, and Unilever's Unox in Oss).

Population density of North Brabant.
Top 20 largest cities and towns of the Brabantse Stedenrij, 2012[5]
City/town (BAG) Population Municipality Population
1 Eindhoven 217,230 Flag of Eindhoven.svg Eindhoven 217,230
2 Tilburg 188,580 Flag of Tilburg.svg Tilburg 207,585
3 Breda 145,045 Flag of Breda.svg Breda 176,400
4 's-Hertogenbosch 107,555 Flag of 's-Hertogenbosch.svg 's-Hertogenbosch 141,895
5 Helmond 88,515 Helmond vlag.svg Helmond 88,515
6 Roosendaal 67,255 Roosendaal vlag.svg Roosendaal 77,415
7 Oss 57,475 Flag of Oss.svg Oss 84,635
8 Bergen op Zoom 51,725 Bergen op Zoom vlag.svg Bergen op Zoom 66,105
9 Oosterhout 49,115 Flag of Oosterhout.svg Oosterhout 53,995
10 Veldhoven 43,865 Veldhoven vlag.svg Veldhoven 43,865
11 Etten-Leur 42,055 Etten-Leur vlag.svg Etten-Leur 42,055
12 Uden 35,280 Flag of Uden.svg Uden 40,810
13 Rosmalen 34,340 Flag of 's-Hertogenbosch.svg 's-Hertogenbosch 141,895
14 Waalwijk 31,620 Waalwijk vlag.svg Waalwijk 46,430
15 Veghel 31,032 Flag of Veghel.svg Veghel 37,555
16 Valkenswaard 30,660 Flag of Valkenswaard.svg Valkenswaard 30,660
17 Best 28,700 Flag of Best North Brabant.svg Best 28,700
18 Geldrop 28,560 Geldrop-Mierlo vlag.svg Geldrop-Mierlo 38,675
19 Boxtel 25,400 Boxtel vlag.svg Boxtel 30,280
20 Vught 25,040 Vught gemeentevlag.svg Vught 25,785

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