Brachylaima cribbi

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Brachylaima cribbi
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Platyhelminthes
Class: Trematoda
Subclass: Digenea
Order: Strigeidida
Family: Brachylaimidae
Genus: Brachylaima
Species: B. cribbi
Binomial name
Brachylaima cribbi
A.R. Butcher, 2003[1]

Brachylaima cribbi is a species of terrestrial trematode parasites in the family Brachylaimidae.


Intermediate hosts for Brachylaima cribbi are terrestrial snails Cochlicella acuta, Cernuella virgata and Theba pisana.[2]

Named after Thomas Cribb, helminthologist at UQ.


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  2. ^ Butcher A. R. & Grove D. I.: Seasonal variation in rates of sporocyst and metacercarial infection by Brachylaima cribbi in helicid and hygromiid land snails on the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. - Australian Journal of Zoology, 2006, 53(6): 375–382.

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