Brad Boatright

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Brad Boatright
Origin Portland, Oregon, US
Genres Punk, heavy metal
Occupation(s) Songwriter, musician, engineer, producer, former service writer at MotoCorsa
Instruments Guitar
Years active 1997–present
Labels Jade Tree, Southern Lord, Havoc, Moshpit Tragedy
Associated acts From Ashes Rise, Deathreat, World Burns to Death, Lebanon, Warcry, The Cooters, No Parade

Brad Boatright (born 1976) is an American musician, record producer, and mastering engineer based in Portland, Oregon.

Boatright is known for his work as a guitarist and vocalist in From Ashes Rise and The Cooters, and as a mastering engineer at Audiosiege, credited on recordings by Off!, American Standards,[1][2][3] Sleep, Noothgrush, Pierced Arrows, and more.[4][5]

On December 25, 2011, he launched his own recording label, Audiosiege Media, which is a division of Moshpit Tragedy Records. Many Audiosiege releases will feature production from Brad's studio in Portland.[6]

Discography (as musician)[edit]

With The Cooters[edit]

  • S/T 7" EP Assault With Intent To Free (1994)
  • Grisham's Army(1995)
  • Invasion of The Cooters (1996)
  • The Moon Will Rise Again (1998)

With From Ashes Rise (guitar/vocals)[edit]

  • Fragments of a Fallen Sky 7" EP Clean Plate Records (1997)
  • Life And Death 7" EP Partners in Crime Records (1998)
  • Concrete And Steel LP Feral Ward Records (2000)
  • Silence LP Feral Ward Records (2001)
  • Split LP with Victims Havoc Records (2002)
  • Nightmares LP Jade Tree Records (2003)
  • Live Hell LP Jade Tree Records (2010)

With Lebanon (vocals/guitar)[edit]

  • Overdose/Overload 7" Single Southern Lord Records (2009)

With Warcry (guitar)[edit]

  • Harvest of Death 7" EP Feral Ward Records (2002)
  • Maniacs on Pedestals LP Feral Ward Records (2004)
  • Deprogram LP Feral Ward Records (2006)

With World Burns to Death (guitar)[edit]

  • The Sucking of the Missile Cock... LP Hardcore Holocaust Records (2002)
  • No Dawn Comes ... Night Without End 7" EP Prank Records (2003)
  • Art of self-destruction 7" EP Hardcore Holocaust Records (2003)

With No Parade (guitar/vocals)[edit]

  • Nightsticks And Justice EP Partners in Crime Records (2000)
  • Ceaseless Fire LP Partners in Crime Records (2001)

With Deathreat (bass)[edit]

  • The Severing of the Last Barred Window LP Partners in Crime Records (1999)
  • Consider It War LP Partners in Crime Records (2001)
  • Double Death Blow- Split 7" with D.S.B. Mangrove Records (2001)


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