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Brad Cleveland is an author, public speaker, and consultant who focuses on customer service, call centers / contact centers, technical support centers, social media, and other customer-facing environments. He was one of two initial partners in ICMI (International Customer Management Institute), joining founder Gordon F. MacPherson, Jr. in 1991. Cleveland was majority shareholder and served as President and CEO of ICMI from 1996 through June 2008 when ICMI became part of London-based United Business Media. He is author/editor of eight books, including "Call Center Management on Fast Forward: Succeeding in Today’s Dynamic Customer Contact Environment", which won an best-selling award and is used in universities and corporate training programs around the world

During Cleveland’s time as CEO, ICMI expanded its international presence, launched industry membership, developed a management level certification program, rolled out the ACCE and Demo conferences, and expanded its publishing and research division. He has appeared in media ranging from The New York Times[1] to The Wall Street Journal, and NPR’s All Things Considered.[2]


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