Brad Fitzpatrick

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Brad Fitzpatrick
Brad Fitzpatrick
Born (1980-02-05) February 5, 1980 (age 38)
Iowa, United States

Bradley Joseph Fitzpatrick (born February 5, 1980 in Iowa), is an American programmer. He is best known as the creator of LiveJournal and is the author of a variety of free software projects such as memcached, PubSubHubbub, OpenID and Perkeep.

Born in Iowa, Fitzpatrick grew up in Beaverton, Oregon and majored in computer science at the University of Washington in Seattle.

LiveJournal eventually became a full-time job and then a company, which he called Danga Interactive. In January 2005, Fitzpatrick sold Danga, which owned LiveJournal, to Six Apart, for an undisclosed sum of cash and stock.[1] He was named chief architect of Six Apart.[2] He left Six Apart in August 2007 and joined the LiveJournal Advisory Board in 2008. It disbanded in 2010, ending Fitzpatrick's association with the site.[3] He now works for Google[4] as Staff Engineer and is part of the Go programming language team.[5] In June 2014, the UW CSE in Seattle awarded Fitzpatrick for Early Career Achievement.[6]


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