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Brad Fregger
Born Brad Fregger
(1940-05-31) May 31, 1940 (age 78)
Billings, Montana, United States
Occupation Author, Publisher

Brad Fregger (born May 31, 1940 in Billings, Montana) is an American entrepreneur, author and former game producer publisher, and book publisher.

Fregger was involved in the computer and video game industry at its inception, in 1983, while at Activision, he became the first person in the world to hold the title of Computer Game Producer. He is the initial producer and/or creator of two of the most successful computer game genres in history: computer solitaire mahjong (Shanghai, 1986) and computer card solitaire (Solitaire Royale, 1987).

After many years of working at Activision, Fregger decided to co-found Publishing International/Software Resources International.

Fregger is President and CEO of Groundbreaking Press (book publishing), which also includes: 1st World Library, F&F Publishing, and Detour Ahead Press. He is also a lecturer at Texas State University-San Marcos.[1] He founded three corporate-training departments (at Mervyns Department Stores, Atari and Activision), and was featured in Tom Peters' book Liberation Management, ISBN 978-0394559995. He is the author of eight books and has produced many software entertainment and productivity programs.

Fregger holds a Master's Degree in Futuristics from San Jose State University.



  • Lucky That Way: Stories of Seizing the Moment While Creating the Games Millions Play, Brad Fregger, Groundbreaking Press, ISBN 978-0977353538
  • Why Publish?: Making the Right Choices for Your Book, Brad Fregger, Groundbreaking Press, ISBN 978-0974562438
  • Get Things Done: Ten Secrets of Creating and Leading Exceptional Teams, Brad Fregger, F&F Publishing, ISBN 978-0971856202
  • Get Out of the Way!: You'll Never Manage Your Way to Great Leadership, Brad Fregger, Groundbreaking Press, ISBN 978-0979354281
  • One Shovel Full: Telling Stories to Change Beliefs, Attitudes, and Perceptions, Brad Fregger, F&F Publishing, ISBN 978-0971856219
  • Finding Your Work: A Maverick's Strategy for Job Search and Career Change, Brad Fregger, Groundbreaking Press, ISBN 978-1628478853
  • My Thinking Cap: Solutions for Global Crisis, Brad Fregger, Groundbreaking Press, ISBN 978-0979354267
  • Why Does Anybody Believe in God: An Essay on Creation, Brad Fregger, Groundbreaking Press, ISBN 978-0983103066


Software Company Year Role
Ghostbusters Activision 1984 Producer
Pitfall II: Lost Caverns Activision 1984 Producer
The Great American Cross-Country Road Race Activision 1985 N/A
Hacker Activision 1985 Producer
Master of Lamps Activision 1985 Produced by
GameMaker Activision 1985 N/A
Murder on the Mississippi Activision 1986 Produced by
Hacker II: The Doomsday Papers Activision 1986 Produced by
Shanghai Activision 1986 Producer
The Transformers: Battle to Save the Earth Activision 1986 Produced by
Aliens: The Computer Game Activision 1986 Produced by
Portal: A Computer Novel Activision 1986 Produced by/Original Concept by
GameMaker: Science Fiction Activision 1986 N/A
The Music Studio Activision 1986 N/A
GameMaker: Sports Activision 1986 N/A
Solitaire Royale Game Arts 1987 Project Leader/Lead Design
Solitaire Royale Spectrum Holobyte 1988 Project Leader/Lead Design
Pharaoh's Revenge Publishing International 1988 N/A
Hometown, U.S.A. Publishing International 1988 Executive Producer/Documentation
Solitaire Royale Publishing International 1988 Project Leader/Lead Design
Solitaire Royale Publishing International 1989 Project Leader/Lead Design
Ishido: The Way of Stones (Japanese version) Publishing International 1989 Project Leader
Heaven & Earth Buena Vista Software 1992 Producer/Director
Ishido: The Way of Stones Interplay Productions 1994 Producer
Solitaire Deluxe Publishing International 1996 Producer/Design
Jack Nicklaus 4 Accolade 1997 Project Leader/Lead Design
Jack Nicklaus 5 Accolade 1998 Producer/Lead Design


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