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Brad Garton (born 1957) is an American composer and computer musician who is professor of music at Columbia University.

He has written, or helped to write, a number of computer music applications, including Real-Time Cmix,[1] music synthesis and signal processing language for real time composition. He received his doctorate in composition from Princeton University.[2] Garton is director of the Computer Music Center, Columbia University, formerly the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center.[2]

Garton grew up in Columbus, Indiana.[3] His father, Robert, has served more than 30 years as a Republican in the Indiana state Senate, including a long term as Senate Pro Tem.[4] Garton majored in pharmacy as a Purdue University student, but spent much of his time on music. Billing himself as "Mr. Science",[5] Garton provided sound effects and keyboards for the band Dow Jones and the Industrials in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He also produced many acts, making a heavy contribution to the Indiana music scene, and with Richard K. Thomas founded Zounds Studios, which continues to produce music and sound for theater.[2] He talked about his life and his formation as a musician in an interview with Peter Shea in December 2007.[6]


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