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Brad J. Lamb is a Canadian real estate broker and condominium developer.[1][2][3] He had a reality television show named Big City Broker on the HGTV network for several years. The show focused on the workings of his real estate brokerage, "Brad J. Lamb Realty Inc."[4]

Lamb was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.[5] His father was an Air Canada pilot and his mother a registered nurse. In 1967, the family moved to Montreal, where they settled in the Beaconsfield neighbourhood.[6] Lamb attended Queen's University, where he obtained a degree in engineering. Lamb purchased his first property in London, Ontario in 1984. Early on, Lamb noted how much his real estate agent was earning on his property deals. A few years after his graduation, bored with his engineering sales position, he obtained his real estate license.[4]

Lamb went to work for Harry Stinson's real estate company in 1988 and became a specialist in selling condominiums in central Toronto. He quickly became Stinson's top agent, making $250,000 in his first year.[4][6]

In 1995, he left Stinson to start his own firm, Brad J. Lamb Realty.[4] In 2001, Lamb founded Lamb Development Corporation.[5] It specializes in high style condominium projects, such as Flatiron Lofts, Worklofts, Glas, Parc, King Charlotte, Gotham Ottawa, The Harlowe, Theatre Park and Brant Park. The company has spread beyond Toronto to build and develop structures in Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Hamilton.[5] Despite the boutique-style size, his agency became one of the most prominent sellers of condominiums in Toronto. In 2007, at the height of the property boom, his company's agents sold some 2,000 condos worth over $800 million.[7] When the market slowed in 2008, the firm still moved about $525 million in real estate.[6] According to Lamb's website, his agents have sold over 22,000 condominiums for over $8 billion as of 2016.[8]

Lamb is known for his billboards, particularly a 2007 series of ads that depicted a lamb with Lamb's head and the slogan "This Lamb Sells Condos."[9][6] He has become "a household name in Toronto"[5] and is often featured in the media as a real estate expert.[10]

In December 2017, it was reported Lamb, because of poor sales, has scrapped plans to build a 37-storey residential downtown Edmonton's Jasper House condo tower.[11]


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