Brad Logan

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Brad Logan
Brad logan loc.jpg
Background information
Also known as Brad Minus
Origin Los Angeles, United States
Genres Punk rock, Hardcore punk, Experimental rock
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments guitar,bass,drums,vocals.
Labels Blacknoise Recordings
Associated acts Leftöver Crack, F-Minus, Rats In The Wall, Recidivist, The Unseen
Website Leftöver Crack

Brad Logan, sometimes known as Brad Minus, is a punk/hardcore guitarist from Los Angeles who also owns and operates Blacknoise Recordings, and has collaborated on projects with Alternative Tentacles.[1][2] Brad was the frontman and guitarist for hardcore punk band F-Minus but is most famous for his work in the group Leftöver Crack.[3]

"Brad Logan" is also the title of a song written about him by Rancid, and featured on the Chef Aid episode and album, Chef Aid: The South Park Album from the television show, South Park.

He has been a roadie for hundreds of bands, including Rancid, Social Distortion, Alkaline Trio, NOFX, Chris Robinson of The Black Crows, Flogging Molly and Dance Hall Crashers. Brad has played in numerous underground punk, metal and experimental bands including guitar and bass for seminal punk singer Rik L Rik (in his solo band and in Garbage Hearts). He has also been a substitute touring guitarist for The Unseen.[4] and for anachro/electro/punks Intro5pect. Brad currently plays in Rats In The Wall, Leftover Crack, and Recidivist.

He is married to Kansas artist and clothing designer Kristen Ferrell.


The Crowd[edit]

  • Go to the Dentist EP (1996) – (Guitar)

Agnostic Front[edit]


Guitar and Vocals on all.

  • Give Em The Boot vol. 1 (1998) – (No Time)
  • Failed Society 7" (1998)
  • Won't Bleed Me 7" (1998)
  • F-Minus S/T (1999)
  • Suburban Blight (2001)
  • Wake Up Screaming (2003)

Leftover Crack[edit]

Guitar and Vocals on all.

  • Rock The 40 oz 7" (2000)
  • Fuck World Trade (2004)
  • Deadline Leftover Crack/Citizen Fish Split (2006)
  • Constructs of the State (2015)

Rats In The Wall[edit]

  • S/T cassette limited 100 press (2013)
  • Dead End (2014)


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