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Brad Muir
Occupation(s)Game designer, programmer

Brad Muir is an American computer game designer and programmer. He was a designer on Brütal Legend,[1] and the project leader of Iron Brigade,[2] Brazen,[3] and Massive Chalice.[4]


Brad Muir started his career as a programmer at Outrage Entertainment and as a gameplay programmer at Raven Software. He joined Double Fine Productions as a programmer on Psychonauts.[5] He was then the game designer on Double Fine's next game, Brütal Legend,[6] before becoming the project lead on Iron Brigade.[7] His next role as project lead would be on Brazen, the 2011 prototype was included as a bonus as part of Double Fine's public two week prototype session, known as Amnesia Fortnight 2012.[8] He then was the project leader on Massive Chalice, a tactical strategy game that was crowd funded through Kickstarter in 2013.[9] In December 2015, he left Double Fine Productions and joined Valve.[10]


Brütal Legend, for which Muir was the lead multiplayer designer, won the "Best Strategy/Simulation Game" award in the 13th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.[11]

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