Brad Snyder (As the World Turns)

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Brad Snyder
As the World Turns character
Portrayed by Nick Kokotakis (1998–1999)
Roy Eudon (1999)
John Loprieno (1999)
Austin Peck (2007–2009)
Duration 1998–99, 2007–09
First appearance June 2, 1998
Last appearance December 24, 2009
Created by Stephen Demorest, Mel Brez and Addie Walsh
Occupation Cohost of Oakdale Now (with Katie Peretti)
Construction worker

Bradley Snyder, also known as Brad Carter, is a character from the American soap opera As the World Turns, appearing from 1998 to 1999 and again from 2007 to 2009, when he was played by Austin Peck.

First appearance: 1998 – 1999[edit]

Under the name "Brad Carter", Brad came to town in 1998, after almost hitting Camille Bennett with his car. He took a job as a construction worker, working on a church in Oakdale. When Lucinda Walsh mentioned the name "Snyder", he denied knowing the name. He returned to the Snyder farm to find Julia Lindsey, his brother Jack's fiancé. Jack hated Brad; years earlier, Brad had struck and killed their father while driving drunk, and Jack had never forgiven him.

Later, Brad decided to take the name Snyder again. He had a history of brief flirtations and flings during the first two years he was in Oakdale. He and Molly Conlan McKinnon were involved in spending a cache of stolen money which they found buried. He was also involved in a plot with Molly's cousin, Carly Tenney. Carly was to receive $50,000,000 from her sister in return for giving birth to a child by her husband, John Dixon, after which she planned to divorce him. The plot nearly went wrong when Brad discovered that the baby's father was not Dr. Dixon, but Hal Munson. Knowing this, Brad blackmailed Carly into marrying him as soon as her divorce was finalized. Carly married him, then divorced him with a payment of a few million dollars in return for his promise of silence. Brad failed to keep his promise, and he and Carly became the most hated people in town. Because of this, Brad left Oakdale in June, 1999.

Brad was not depicted as entirely bad during this first period, though. Camille revealed to Jack that Brad's mother, not Brad himself, was the one who had been driving drunk and killed Brad's father; Brad took the blame to protect his mother. After discovering this act of gallantry, Jack forgave Brad.

Later appearance and death: 2007 – 2009[edit]

Brad was discovered in 2007 by his brother Jack, who was investigating a break-in at the Snyder farm. He ingratiated himself to the wealthy Vienna Hyatt, who was staying there. Brad passed himself off as a wealthy television executive, and Jack volunteered him for a job at TV station WOAK.

Brad was made co-host of a talk show at WOAK with Katie Peretti, who had clashed with him previously, especially after she had discovered him having sex with Vienna in an office at the station. Brad made the best of the undesirable situation, but Katie had no desire to work with him. By the time the two softened toward each other, Katie had decided to begin a relationship with Jack.

At this point, Carly—who had by this point been married to Jack as well as Brad, and had left town—returned, and decided she wanted to re-establish her relationship with Jack. For a time, she and Brad conspired unsuccessfully to break up Jack and Katie; eventually, though, Brad decided that he had had enough. He became a good friend to both women.

After Jack and Katie got married, Brad told Jack that Carly was dying—a fact he had learned earlier from Carly. Immediately on hearing this, Jack went to the hospital where Carly was being treated, and promised her that he would take care of her in her last months. In doing this, he neglected Katie, and Brad stepped into her life. In consequence, Katie had the marriage annulled after only a month.

After Brad and Katie had sex several times, they married. Shortly after the marriage, Liberty Ciccone, Brad's daughter by his high school sweetheart, Janet, approached him; after a paternity test to prove her claim, Brad and Katie adopted her.

After Liberty became sexually involved with her cousin, Parker Snyder, Brad and Katie set her up with a blind date with a WOAK intern, Leo. When Leo later raped Liberty, Brad assaulted him, putting him in a coma.

In early 2009, Katie and Brad decided to have a child together. After trying for a month, they sought the advice of a doctor, but were told that pregnancy would be dangerous for Katie, as she had recently donated bone marrow. Unknown to Brad, Katie sought fertility treatments, but had an ectopic pregnancy which burst one of her Fallopian tubes and severely damaged the other. After Vienna learned of the situation, she offered twice to be a surrogate mother. Her first pregnancy, with Brad's sperm, ended in a miscarriage; she was informed of the miscarriage while at an appointment accompanied by Henry Coleman. She was comforted by Henry and the two had sex. Very shortly afterward, Vienna discovered that she was pregnant with Henry's child. This second pregnancy lasted a short while, and again ended in a miscarriage.

Eventually, Katie became pregnant with Brad's child, a boy. Having been kidnapped by a mobster with whom Henry has become involved, she gave birth prematurely in a warehouse. In a rescue attempt by Brad, Henry and Jack, Jack shot Brad in the chest; he died in the hospital, but returned as a ghost. On Christmas Eve, 2009, Brad met Santa Claus, who gave him the gift of a body until midnight. Brad met his family one last time, kissed his wife, and went to his rest.