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Brad Teare (born 1956)[1] is a fine artist, illustrator and comics writer/artist based in Utah.

Teare was educated at University of Idaho and Utah State University.[2] He subsequently moved to New York City where he freelanced for the New York Times.[3]

Teare is a landscape painter and noted woodcut artist.[4] In 2006 his woodblock print "Rock Moss" won the Deseret Morning News $2,500 Purchase Award.[5]

Teare has done book covers for James Michener and Anne Tyler.[6] In 1992, he created a comic called "Cypher", later published as a book. A spin-off comic, "The Subterranean" has subsequently been created and released online. In 1997, he illustrated Dance, Pioneer, Dance!, a children's book by Rick Walton about westbound American pioneers, written in verse resembling a caller's chant for a square dance at a hoedown.[7]

Teare currently works illustrating "The Friend,", children's magazine of the LDS Church.[3] He is married to the noted American trompe l'oeil artist Debra Teare.[8]


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