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Coordinates: 54°10′52″N 4°29′20″W / 54.181°N 4.489°W / 54.181; -4.489

Parish of Braddan

Braddan is an elongated parish in the sheading of Middle in the Isle of Man, stretching from Druidale in the north to Port Soderick in the south. It is nearly 10 miles (16 km) from north to south, but less than 1 km wide in two places. It borders the parishes of Michael and Lezayre in the north, German, Marown and Onchan in the middle and Santon in the south. The name Braddan is another form of Brendan,[1] an Irish saint and patron of voyagers.

The northern end of the parish is mountainous and uninhabited. The southern end is flatter and includes the village of Union Mills and nearby residential areas bordering Douglas to the west and north-west.

The Middle River runs through the parish in the Kewaigue - Oakhill area in the south, where the original Fairy Bridge can be found.

The parish church (Kirk Braddan, 1876) is by John Loughborough Pearson. The former parish church (Old Kirk Braddan, 1777) contains some ancient crosses considered[who?] as excellent.

Hampton Court House, near Port Soderick, was built c. 1800 by Thomas Stowell, a leading Manx advocate who became acting Attorney General in 1796 and Clerk of Rolls in 1804.[2]

The parish district of Braddan (the local government district administered by Braddan Parish Commissioners) comprises the whole of the historical parish excluding those parts falling within the borough of Douglas.

Braddan is included in the House of Keys constituency of Middle.

Eccesiastical parish[edit]

The ecclesiastical parish of Braddan formerly comprised the parish district of Braddan (above) and almost the whole of the present borough of Douglas. The ecclesiastical parishes of St George, St Barnabas (now merged with St George), St Matthew, St Thomas and St Ninian, Douglas were established in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and the only parts of the borough now remaining in the ecclesiastical parish are the Anagh Coar, Ballaughton and Farmhill suburbs. The Baldwin area, with the chapel of St Luke's, was transferred in 1978 to the ecclesiastical parish of Marown (now Marown, Foxdale and Baldwin). On 1 November 2012 an area between the Middle River and Douglas Head was transferred to the parish of St Matthew, and an area between Mount Murray and Port Walberry, including part of the Mount Murray estate, Port Soderick and Quine's Hill, was transferred to the parish of Santan (now Malew and Santan).[3]


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