Braden (given name)

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Gender Male
Word/name Irish and English
Meaning descendant of Bradán

Braden is a name that is popular in the United States and Canada. Its origin is confined to the British Isles and has two ancient sources.

The English meaning of Braden is "broad valley".[1] or "broad hillside".[2] The name has a strong Saxon origin and is most commonly found in the English county of Sussex. Additionally, there is a Braden (Braydon) Forest in Wiltshire, now mostly cut down, but it was mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle as the site of a battle in 904AD.

The Gaelic Irish surname Ó Bradáin, meaning descendant of Bradán. Bradán is derived from an Irish Gaelic word meaning "salmon".[3] The bradán feasa is the Salmon of Wisdom in an Irish legend about Fionn MacCool.[4]

The name has many alternate spellings, including: Braden, Bradan, Bradin, Bradun, Bradyn, Braedan, Braeden, Braedin, Braedon, Braedyn, Braidan, Braiden, Braidon, Braidun, Braidyn, Braydan, Brayden, Braydin, Braydon, Braydyn, Bradiss or Bradn (with an implied second syllable but no second vowel). Some spellings have two ds (i.e., Bradden), but maintain the same pronunciation. It is in use for both boys and girls, but is more common for boys.

Its popularity is reflected in the popularity of similar-sounding names such as Aidan, Caden, Hayden, Jaden.

People with the name[edit]


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