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The University of Adelaide College is the preferred pathway to the University of Adelaide offering programs that lead to the first or second year of undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University of Adelaide. The College is located a short distance away from the University campus in Adelaide, Australia, with students receiving a student card that grants them access to its facilities. Approximately 800 students are enrolled each year[1] from Australia and abroad.

The University of Adelaide College was previously known as Bradford College up until 2016. 

Courses include Foundation Studies (for students completing Year 11), Degree Transfer (for students completing Year 12), a Pre-Master's program and English Language] (General Academic English).[1]

For those who need extra attention to their English prior to undertaking a Foundation Studies, Degree Transfer or Pre-Master’s Program at the University of Adelaide College. The appropriate number of weeks of General Academic English can be completed prior and packaged accordingly.


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