Bradley Foster

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Bradley Foster
Family Affairs character
Portrayed by Harry Capehorn
Duration 2004-2005
Occupation Unemployed

Bradley Foster was a fictional character in UK soap opera Family Affairs, played by Harry Capehorn from 2004 to 2005.

About Bradley[edit]

Bradley first appeared in Charnham in April 2004, as the former boyfriend of Melanie Costello. Bradley had taken a gap year in Australia the year previous, and returned to the UK to live with his mother, Sharon. Chrissy, Melanie's mother tried to get Bradley and Melanie back together, but ultimately failed as Melanie was engaged to Brendan Boulter. Bradley went on to date Lucy Day, one of Melanie's friends who lived locally and began working for Les Boulter at the corner cafe.

Abuse Allegations[edit]

Bradley settled into the Costello household as a lodger, frequently babysitting Chloe, Melanie's younger sister while her parents Gary and Chrissy went through a separation. Chloe began to look on Bradley as an older brother figure, as Melanie had recently married and moved in with Brendan. Everything seemed fine, until one day in October, Chloe revealed to Chrissy that Bradley had been touching her inappropriately. Chrissy then told Gary that the allegations were a lie, which put further strain on their marriage. After Chloe was analysed by a child psychologist, the finger of blame began to point towards Gary. However, Gary was vindicated following Chloe revealing to the social worker that Bradley was the one sexually abusing her.

Bradley, after being attacked by Gary outside of the cafe, decided to flee Charnham and tried to convince Lucy to come with him.


One afternoon, Gary arrived late to pick Chloe up and Bradley saw his chance and abducted her. Lucy, who arranged to meet Bradley, in secret persuaded him to bring Chloe home and give himself up. Bradley was then arrested, but released due to lack of evidence against him and the fact that Chloe had lied previously.

Further Evidence[edit]

During a search on Sharon's boyfriend, Conrad Williams' house, where Bradley was staying, the police found child pornography on Bradley's computer. Bradley denied all knowledge and accused Gary of planting images on the hard drive. The images were later revealed as being paid for prior to Bradley moving in with the Costellos. The evidence was not sufficient to sustain a conviction.

Showdown with Gary[edit]

On November 5, 2004, Gary received information from Alex Williams, Conrad's son about Bradley's whereabouts. Bradley, after being thrown out by his stepfather, Martin, had returned to Charnham and had been staying with the Williams Family. Gary, upon leaving the pub, smashed his way into the house and confronted Bradley.

Bradley began goading Gary about Chloe seeking attention and not leaving him alone, prompting Gary to punch him, causing Bradley to fall and hit his head.


After Bradley had woken from his coma and had undergone a successful operation to reattach a loose retina, he was remanded in custody alongside Gary.

Sharon's revelation[edit]

During an emotional conversation with Chrissy, Sharon revealed that she did in fact believe that Bradley had molested Chloe as she had suspected her first husband, Bradley's father, had done to him.


In April 2005, Gary stood trial for his assault on Bradley. Bradley was convinced Gary would be sent down for the assault and decided to paint a damning picture of him in court. Sharon, while on the stand revealed the information about Bradley's past abuse, in order to aid Gary but the testimony was stricken from the record. The jury retired to deliberate over a verdict. When the jury returned, they rendered a verdict of Not Guilty.

Bradley then left Charnham, with his relationship with Sharon in tatters.