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Bradley Ogden
Bradley Ogden

EducationCulinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, New York

Bradley Ogden is a Traverse City, Michigan chef who manages Bradley Ogden Hospitality.

Early career[edit]

Ogden graduated the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, New York in 1977 with honors. He was the recipient of the Richard T. Keating Award, given to the student most likely succeed. In 1979, Ogden was hired as a sous chef at the celebrated American Restaurant in Kansas City. He worked closely with his friend and mentor James Beard and his consultants Joe Baun and Barbara Kafka. Ogden was promoted to executive chef within six months. Chef Ogden says the greatest influence on his cooking came from his early exposure to fresh Native American foods. Born in Traverse City, he grew up eating freshly caught trout, free-range chicken and hand-picked fruits and vegetables. That early exposure followed him throughout his culinary training and while he was exposed to new techniques and ingredients, he never lost his deep appreciation for those basic tastes.[1]


In 1983, Ogden became the executive chef at the Campton Place hotel and transformed it to a destination dining spot. After six years he opened the Lark Creek Inn, a signature restaurant in Larkspur with his then-wife Jody Ogden and his business partners Michael and Leslye Dellar. There are currently 14 restaurants which the Lark Creek Restaurant Group encompasses.[2] This restaurant had been acclaimed by leading critics and publications as one of the best restaurants in the nation.

In 2003, Ogden moved to Las Vegas and opened his restaurant in Caesars Palace with his son Bryan, who is also a chef. This was Ogden's first restaurant opened outside of California. Both restaurants has since closed.[3][4] He has appeared on such television programs as the Today Show, Good Morning, America, AM/San Francisco, Dinner at Julia's and Great Chefs of the West series on the Discovery Channel. In 2012, Ogden launched Bradley Ogden Hospitality, a four-pronged business venture seeking to encompass restaurants, consulting, social media and even a boutique resort community.[5] Ogden started Bradley Ogden Hospitality with his son Bryan Ogden and operations specialist Tony Angotti. Bradley Ogden Hospitality (BOH) is composed of three divisions: Restaurant Development, Consulting and Design, and Digital.[6]

Today, Chef Bradley Ogden serves as managing partner of Bradley Ogden Hospitality which he founded with his son, Chef Bryan Ogden. The group consists of multiple areas of focus including media, restaurant development, new products and more. Ogden Hospitality opened four restaurants in 2015 including The Pour Society and Bradley’s Fine Diner in Houston, Texas as well as Bradley's Fine Diner and Bradley’s Funky Franks in Menlo Park, California.[7]

Awards and recognition[edit]

At home, he has been featured in publications such as Food and Wine, Cooks Illustrated, The Wine Spectator, Gourmet and Life. Television credits include NBC’s “The Today Show,” AM/San Francisco, Dinner at Julia’s, Good Morning American and the Great Chefs of the West series.[7]

In 2000, Ogden was recognized by the Culinary Institute of America for his achievements and contributions to the field with the honor of Chef of the Year. Other awards include “Best California Chef” by the James Beard Foundation and the Silver Palate Award by the International Food Service Manufacturers’ Association in the category for independent restaurants in 2008. In 2004, Bradley at Caesars Palace received "Best New Restaurant" award by the James Beard Foundation. Ogden has been named for Best Chef California by the James Beard Foundation, one of the Great American Chefs by the International Wine and Food Society, winner of the Golden Plate Award by the American Academy of Achievement and Chef of the Year by the Culinary Institute of America.[8]

  • Chef of the Year Award, The Culinary Institute of America, 2000[7]
  • Restaurant of the Year, James Beard Foundation, 2004[7]
  • Restaurateur of the Year, Nevada Restaurant Association, 2010[7][8]
  • Best California Chef, James Beard Foundation[7][8]

Personal life[edit]

Ogden currently resides in California. He has three sons; Bryan, Chad (also a chef at a Macau resort) and Cory who is a doctor in Woodland Hills.[2][6]


Ogden's first cookbook Bradley Ogden's Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner won the prestigious International Association of Culinaryi Professionals Award.[6][9]

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