Brady Lake (Ohio)

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This article is about the lake. For the village, see Brady Lake, Ohio.
Brady Lake
Brady lake tea house area.jpg
Location Portage County, Ohio
Coordinates 41°09′53″N 81°18′58″W / 41.16472°N 81.31611°W / 41.16472; -81.31611Coordinates: 41°09′53″N 81°18′58″W / 41.16472°N 81.31611°W / 41.16472; -81.31611
Type kettle lake
Basin countries United States
Surface elevation 1,053 ft (321 m)
Settlements Brady Lake

Brady Lake is a natural lake located in Portage County, Ohio, United States. It is a kettle lake and has no tributaries or outlets. The majority of the lake lies within the boundaries of the village of Brady Lake, while the remainder is in Franklin Township.[1]


Brady Lake gets its name from Captain Samuel Brady who hid in the lake in 1780 while fleeing a band of local American Indians.[2] Initially, the lake was referred to as "Brady's Lake" before eventually being shortened to the modern Brady Lake.[3]

Historical uses[edit]

Brady Lake was used during the operation of the Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal as a source of water along with nearby Pippen Lake, as the canal passed just to the south of the lake just east of present-day Kent, Ohio.[4] From 1900-1924 Brady Lake was used to harvest ice in for local ice boxes, with some ice being shipped as far as Cleveland and Youngstown, Ohio.[5]


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