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This article is about the fictional family of the soap opera "Days of Our Lives". For the fictional family of the sitcom "The Brady Bunch", see List of The Brady Bunch characters § The Brady Family.
Brady family
Days of Our Lives family
Type Fictional family
Created by Pat Falken Smith
Original run December 8, 1981—
Address 48 River Street (above the Brady Pub)

The Bradys are a working class Irish-American Catholic family living in the fictional town of Salem on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. The family was created by Pat Falken Smith and first introduced in 1981 when Roman Brady arrives in Salem. The rest of Roman's family would later arrive throughout the early 1980s. The Bradys have become one of the central families on the show, second only to the Hortons. The Bradys are traditionally a family of police officers, although occupations range from doctors to lawyers to businessmen. In addition, the family is also well known for its violent and long-standing feud with the DiMera family. The family is currently represented by: Roman, Kayla, Caroline, Hope Brady, Shawn-Douglas, Theresa, Joey, Ciara, Claire, Tate, and Arianna.


First generation[edit]

  • Patrick Aloysius Brady (deceased)
  • Nora Molly Brady (deceased)

Second generation[edit]

  • Peter Brady (deceased)

Third generation[edit]

Fourth generation[edit]

Fifth generation[edit]

Sixth generation[edit]

Seventh Generation[edit]

Family tree[edit]


Lines Boxes
  • Dashed = Romance or Marriage
  • Solid = Children
Character is currently on the Show
Character not on the Show
Character is deceased or presumed dead

Patrick Brady
Nora Brady
Peter Brady
Shawn's mother
Santo DiMera
Colleen Brady
Molly Brady
Francis Murphy
Eric Brady
Shawn Brady
Caroline Brady
Victor Kiriakis
Ryan Brady
Colin Murphy
Kimberly Brady
Shane Donovan
Kayla Brady
Steve Johnson
Bo Brady
(see Kiriakis)
Max Brady
Frankie Brady
Anna Fredericks
Roman Brady
Marlena Evans
Kate Roberts
Andrew Donovan IV
Theresa Donovan
Stephanie Johnson
Joey Johnson
Austin Reed
Carrie Brady
Eric Brady
Lucas Horton
Sami Brady
EJ DiMera
Rex Brady
Cassie Brady
Noah Reed
Will Horton
Gabi Hernandez
Allie Horton
Johnny DiMera
Sydney DiMera
Arianna Horton