Brae oilfield

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Brae oil field
Brae oilfield is located in North Sea
Brae oilfield
Location of Brae oil field
Country Scotland, United Kingdom
Region North Sea
Location/block 16/7a
Offshore/onshore offshore
Coordinates 58°42′N 1°18′E / 58.7°N 1.3°E / 58.7; 1.3Coordinates: 58°42′N 1°18′E / 58.7°N 1.3°E / 58.7; 1.3[1]
Operator Marathon Oil
Partners BP, Centrica, GDF Suez, Nippon Oil, TAQA
Field history
Discovery 1975 (North sector)
1976 (Central sector)
1977 (South sector)
Start of production 1983 (South)
1988 (North)
1989 (Central)

The Brae field is a Scottish oil field. The name comes from a Scots language word for hillside. The Fields are operated by Marathon Oil and are located in UKCS block 16/7a. Three accumulations total about 70 million tonnes of oil liquids and a further 22 cubic kilometres of gas. The main platforms currently produce from underlying reserves, with regular infill drilling to identify and exploit undrained pockets in the Brae stratigraphy. A number of subsea tieback fields in the area produce through facilities on the platforms, extending their viability into the future. Gas is exported to St Fergus, Scotland via the SAGE pipeline system and oil is exported via the Forties system.

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