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The name of the Norse god of poetry Bragi has been given to the Norwegian literature prize – the Brage Prize.

The Brage Prize (Norwegian: Brageprisen) is a Norwegian literature prize that is awarded annually by the Norwegian Book Prize foundation (Den norske bokprisen). The prize recognizes recently published Norwegian literature.

The Brage Prize has been awarded each fall since 1992 for the following categories:

In addition to these classes, during the first several years the prize was also awarded in the following categories:

Prize winners[edit]

Fiction for adults[edit]

Ingvar Ambjørnsen was awarded the prize in 1995
Kjartan Fløgstad was awarded the prize in 1998

Children's and young adult literature[edit]

Eirik Newth was awarded the prize in 1996 for Jakten på sannheten.
Gro Dahle and illustrator Svein Nyhus were awarded the prize in 2002
Rune Belsvik was awarded the prize in 2000


Ivo de Figueiredo was awarded the prize in 2002
Frank Rossavik was awarded the prize in 2007

Open class[edit]

Honorary Award[edit]

Poet Halldis Moren Vesaas won in 1994
Playwiright Jon Fosse won in 2005

Previous categories[edit]



Poet Jan Erik Vold won the prize for IKKE in 1993.

Picture books[edit]

General literature[edit]