Brage oil field

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Brage oil field is located in North Sea
Brage oil field
Location of Brage
Country Norway
Location/blocks 30/6, 31/4, 31/7
Offshore/onshore Offshore
Coordinates 60°35′N 3°01′E / 60.58°N 3.02°E / 60.58; 3.02Coordinates: 60°35′N 3°01′E / 60.58°N 3.02°E / 60.58; 3.02
Operator Wintershall
Partners Wintershall Norge (32.20%), Repsol Norge (33.84%), Faroe Petroleum Norge (14.26%), Point Resources (12.26%), VNG Norge (4.44%)
Field history
Discovery 1980[1]
Start of production 1993
Peak of production 1998
Abandonment 2013
Current production of oil 25,000 barrels per day (~1.2×10^6 t/a)
Estimated oil in place 25 million barrels (~3.4×10^6 t)
Producing formations Statfjord, Fensfjord

Brage (Norwegian: Bragefeltet) is an offshore oil field in the North Sea located 120 km (75 mi) northwest of the city of Bergen on the western coast of Norway and 13 km (8.1 mi) east of Oseberg Field Center. The field also contains gas.[2] The water depth at the location is 140 metres (460 ft). The field was developed with a fixed integrated production, drilling and accommodation facility[1] The oil from the field is pumped through a pipeline to Oseberg A facility from where it is transported to Sture terminal via Oseberg Transport System.[2] The gas from the field is exported through Statpipe system to Kårstø.[3] It is estimated that Brage may hold up to 20,000,000 barrels (3,200,000 m3) to 25,000,000 barrels (4,000,000 m3) of recoverable oil.[4]


The Brage field is operated by Wintershall Norge. Wintershall Norge holds 35.20%, Repsol Norge AS – 33.9%, Faroe Petroleum Norge – 14.30%, Point Resources – 12.2%, VNG Norge – 4.44%.[5]


Brage oil field produced up to 120,000 barrels per day (19,000 m3/d) when it reached its peak production in 1998 and is currently producing 25,000 barrels per day (4,000 m3/d). New wells were drilled in 2007 and the operator plans on drilling more wells in the near future.[2] Production will probably to be shut down in 2020+

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