Bragernes Church

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Bragernes Church
Bragernes kirke
Bragernes kirke Drammen 2.jpg
59°44′48″N 10°12′24″E / 59.74667°N 10.20667°E / 59.74667; 10.20667Coordinates: 59°44′48″N 10°12′24″E / 59.74667°N 10.20667°E / 59.74667; 10.20667
Location Drammen, Buskerud
Country Norway
Denomination Den norske kirkes våpen.svg Church of Norway
Churchmanship Evangelical Lutheran
Consecrated July 12, 1871
Status Parish church
Functional status Active
Architect(s) Ernst Robarth Dalin Norgrenn
Style Neo Gothic
Capacity 1000
Materials Brick
Parish Bragernes
Deanery Drammen
Diocese Diocese of Tunsberg

Bragernes Church (Bragernes Kirke) is a parish church at Drammen in Buskerud County, Norway. [1]

It was designed by Ernst Norgrenn (1839-1880) in Neo Gothic style and built of brick. It was consecrated in 1871. The old Bragernes church (Gamle Bragernes kirke) was west of Bragernes square. Built in 1708, it burned down in 1866.[2][3]

Bragernes church is located at the end of Church Street north of Bragernes square in the center of Drammen. Bragernes Cemetery is west of the church. The tower is 64 metres (210 ft) tall. The pulpit was designed by Ernst Norgrenn, while the baptismal font was by Christian Borch. The altarpiece, Resurrection was painted by Adolph Tidemand. It was copied in many Norwegian churches. The church organ has 38 votes and was built in the romantic style of organ builder Carsten Lund Organ Builders of Copenhagen (Carsten Lund Orgelbyggeri).[4][5] [6]


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